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Jinnai's Fortress

Hi, if you've been to this El Hazard page before, you are probably wondering "What happened?!?" Ok, basically I don't want to go into the whole story here. I'll just say that I "accidentally" deleted my home page at Angelfire, and then signed up for it again. Ok, for people new to Jinnai's Fortress let me tell you why it is here and what it is about. Jinnai's Fortress is intended to be an El Hazard information site. It will contain (when it is finished, which will hopefully be soon) anime reviews of the El Hazard series I have seen, biographies of the major characters in the El Hazard series, music from the El Hazard series, art from the El Hazard and _maybe_ fan-art based on the El Hazard. Since this Fortress is being reborn from its ashes, I decided to change the background music to the background music of the second El Hazard OAV series. However, this should in no way be construed as an endorsement of the second series over the first. (I think the first was much better, I like the background music for both though.)

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