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Donatello and His Sculptures

Italian sculptor, Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi,(c.1386--1466)

Donatello was an Italian sculptor during the Italian Renaissance era. Donatello was born in Florence,Italy in 1386. Donatello's career is usually divided into three periods. The first period contained the years before 1425. His work during this period was influenced by Gothic sculpture. Some examples of his work during this time period are the statues of St.Mark, St.George,John the Evangelist, and Joshua.

His second time period dates from 1425-1443.This time period was characterized by a reliance on the models.

During his third time period, Donatello emphasized realism and dramatic action. Some of his sculptures from this period include Miracles of St. Anthony, and Gattamelata.

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