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Help him 'cause he's from Mississippi! Cure a Lack O' Lance with one click! *Albino Awareness* This is where it will lead you: Let the Bass-turd Sing!

Oh my gosh we're back again. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us in making this page. To the haters, we want to thank you to, cause there is no us without you! Send more mail, good and bad. BsB fans, if we can make fun of our favorite group(those cute lil' Nsync boys) then we sure as hell can make fun of our least favorite group. We gots a surprise for you if you let the ENTIRE page load. We got the surprise from an awesome site called Mother of God Have fun and tell a friend.

This site officially opened JANUARY 9th, 1999.
Last Updated on February 6, 2000.

*Disclaimer- This is a humor site, don't take ANYTHING to heart. We's just playin y'all.*

Updates-2/6: I did a small review of Nroute to Nsync. I just couldn't let it go!

I am still burning a hole in mah BBB single, I love Nsync!!

***On a personal note - I am going to fix mah website very soon because some sections are outdated and so forth.

Nroute to Nsync AKA Hoed In

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