Brian's Aggressive Skating Page
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Big Bee's Aggressive Skating Page

That's me doing a makio

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Josh Petty, Fishbrain
Jonny,Topside alleyy oop makio

Sup all you skaters thanx for comin'! Hey sup. This page is always under construction every day. If you want to be a big help sign my guest book please!!!!!! That pic at the top is me., and if you click on the the part that says click here for skating pics you will see more pictures of me. Those were taken a long time i've gotten better and when I get a chance i'll put some new ones on there. Thanx for coming PEACE OUT!!!

I love to aggressive skate. If you live in Tampa and want to go skating with me sometime i'll give you my phone number and we'll hook up and go to the skatepark near us. KEEP IT REAL GUYS!!!!

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