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The TKA Store

Welcome to the TKA store. This page will be updated frequently with new items of interest. When ordering please double check the item number. Please note that when ordering from the "Master Kata" series you need only write in the name of the kata you are interested in.

-Ricky Adams

TKA Requirements
White Belt to 1st Degree Black Belt Item# RQ1 - $69.95

TKA Childrens Requirements
White to Brown Belt/White Stripe - Item# RC1 - $49.95

Dan Requirements

Nidan - Sandan - Item# RQDAN2-3 - $69.95

Yondan - Godan - Item# RQDAN4-5 - $69.95

Rokudan - Shichidan - Item# RQDAN6-7 - $69.95

Order the entire "Requirements Package" for only $249.95 Item# RQDANE....a savings of a MORE THAN $80 !!!

Advanced Master Kata Videos

(Includes slow from 2 angles and 1 normal speed and basic bunkai)

Sansu (Calculation) - $69.95

Wansu (Strong Arm) - $69.95

Gojushiho (54 Steps) - $69.95

Unsu (Cloud Hands) - $69.95

Order the entire "Master Kata" series Item# M4 for only $249.95 a savings of $30

Goshin Budo Jiujitsu

Goshin Budo Jiujitsu Requirements White - Shodan(1st Degree Black) - Item# GB1 - $69.95

Goshin Budo Jiujitsu Requirements Nidan - Sandan (2nd & 3rd Degree Black) - Item# GB2 - $69.95

Order both tapes for only $129.95 Item# GBE

Dento Ryu Kobudo (weapons)


(Basic techniques and the following kata:Khon No Bo, Ten Ryu No Kon & Shushi No Kon Sho) Item #KB1-$69.95


(Includes the following kata:Bo Oru, Ryubi Bo & Tokumine No Kon) Item# KB2 $69.95


(Includes the following kata: Bo Ni, Bo San, Matsu Higa No Kon & Ureshi Bo) Item#KB3 - $69.95

Order the entire "Bo Package" Item# KBE for just $199.95


Nunchaku Basic

(Basic Nunchaku techniques and the kata Kihon No Nunchaku) Item# KN1 - $69.95

Nunchaku Advanced

(Includes the kata: Nunchaku Sho & Datsu Kaze(Double Nunchaku form) Item# KN2 - $69.95

Order the entire "Nunchaku Package" Item# KNE $129.95


(Basic Techniques and the following kata: Khon No Tonfa, Hama Higa No Tonfa and a Tonfa-vs-Sword set) Item# KT1-$69.95


(Basic techniques and the kata Tsukenakuchino Nunte) Item# KNT1 - $69.95

Eku (Oar)

(Basic techniques adn the kata Tsukenakuchino Eku) Item# KE - $69.95

Nichogama (Kama/Sickles)

Basic Kama

(Basic technique and the kata Koga No Nichogama & Kusari No Nichogama) Item# KK1 - $69.95

Advanced Kama

(Includes the kata Kusari No Geri Nichogama & Ninjukusari Nichogama) Item# KK2 - $69.96

Order entire "Nichogama Package" Item# KKE for only $129.95


Mu Gai Ryu Hyo Do Iaido

Basic drawing, cutting & returning techniques and four gata (Shin, Ren, Sa & Yu) Item# KS1 - $69.95

Advanced Iaido

All 12 sitting and standing Mu Gai Ryu Gata - Item# KS2 - $69.95

Order the entire "Iaido Package" Item# KSE for just $129.95

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