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Holistic Beginnings

Health and Wholeness brought together through Holistic Health Modalities

Transcultural Exchange Workshops in Jamaica - New. An invitation for a cultural exchange and holistic experience. Several workshops to choose from: Medicine Wheel, Sisters Unite, Earth Changes, Child Development, Holistic Therapies. Midwifery program. Click here for more information.


The purpose of this webpage is to inform about Holistic Health Care/Modalities  to the "general" public as well as provide information and resources for nurses and others in the traditional medical community .

My name is Deborah "Ellie" King. I am a registered nurse, CCRN and HNC. I am also a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner accredited by the American Holistic Nursing Association . I have my own private practive in Melbourne, Florida where I provide Holistic Health Care.

The philosophy of holistic health care is to combine and enhance the person's own ability to self heal and maintain balance between body-emotions-mind-spirit. This is done by using one, but more often, a combination of modalities. These modalities include Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Energy Healing, Stress Management, Guided Imagery Meditation, Holistic Health Counseling.  

One of the significant contributions of holistic modalities is that it integrates easily with other theories used in traditional medical settings. At Holistic Beginnings, we embrace a team approach with medical clinicians, practitioners and counselors for coordinated holistic care.

What is holistic healing?

Where can I find information on accreditation programs?

Holistic Healing Services