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July 6 - 8, 2012
DC / Maryland

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CONGRATULATIONS to all the GRADUATES. May the Lord Watch Over You and Keep You. Keep Up the Good Work!

Noel Dixon-Harrington is a 2008 graduate from N.B. Forrest High School in Jacksonville, Florida. She is the first Granddaughter of Jerome Harrington,Sr. and the first Great-Grand daughter of the late Erlene Hardaway-Greggs.

Tiffany A. Trawick-Polite is a 2007 graduate as a Certified Medical Assistant.

Cathynia Hardaway-Dixon is a 2007 Cum Laude graduate from Shorter College with a BS in Human Services.

Willie G. Dixon, Jr is a 2007 graduate from Lithonia High School.

Anesha L. Stewart is a 2007 graduate from Rochester College with a BA in psychology and counseling. She's the first grand daughter to Albert and Marie Hardaway in Michigan.



We now have an author in the family. Lena Hill's grand-daughter, Karen Hill-Gordon has just published a book entitled, "ANGELS IN SUITS".

Mary Ellen Hardaway-Parker - Retired from Tom's Food in 2003.

Lena Hardaway-Hill celebrated her 93rd Birthday in March 2003.



Brandy M. Fields, Daughter of Miranda Hill-Fields and Benjamin Fields, married James B. A. Rhine on April 16, 2004.



***Jahlil Kelan Williams son of Keyonna Adams-Foster, Born: June 24, 2008 ***

*** Justin Trawick, Jr., son of Justin Kyle Trawick and Tiffani Morrison, Born: September 17, 2006 ***

*** Isaiah Tahir Dixon, son of Ashonti Dixon, Born: December 23, 2004 ***

*** Kalen Justice, son of Kenyada Hiter, Born: June 21, 2004 ***

*** Jaylen B. J. Rhine, son of Brandy and James Rhine, Born: April 25, 2004 ***

*** Zaria Marie Trawick, daughter of Justin Kyle Trawick and Tiffani Morrison, Born: January 29, 2004 ***

***Lance Alexander Dudley , son of Cherryl Hardaway and Jeff Dudley, Born: May 30, 2003 ***



*Lena Hardaway-Hill, D: June 6, 2008, in Columbus, GA

*Eva Hardaway, D: March 2008, wife of the late James Hardaway, Detroit Chapter President

*Eddie Harrington, D: March 2008, Son of Jerome Harrington of Indianapolis,IN

*Sedrick, Agena and Aliyah Harrington, D: March 2008, Grandchildren of Jerome Harrington of Indianapolis,IN

*Margie Ann Hardaway-Smith, D: February 2008, in Detroit, MI

*Joan Hardaway-Walker, D: December 2007, in Columbus, GA

*Andrew Hardaway, D: October 2007 in Detroit, MI

*Sandra Hardaway, D: Aug 8, 2007, wife of Willie Hardaway of Detroit, MI

*Erlene Hardaway-Greggs, D: February 14, 2007

*Martha Jean Hardaway, D: Sep 27, 2006, wife of Rosco Hardaway

*James Hardaway, D: June, 2006, Detroit Chapter President. We love you and you will be missed.

*Effie Hardaway-Hinton, D: March 11, 2006 (R.I.P. - Love you!)

*Willie George Dixon, Sr., D: January 16, 2005, Husband of Cathynia Hardaway-Dixon

*Ronether Hardaway, D: March 17, 2004. We would like to send all of our thoughts and prayers out to the family.

*Jalen Kenyon Justice, newborn son of Kenyada Hiter, Born: May 29, 2003, Died: June 2, 2003

*Jasper Hardaway, D: April 15, 2003

*Gracie Forte, D: March 2003


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