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The Shoppe and Stuff

 The Gypsy Within

Deep within me there is a gypsy, the one with a spirit so wild and free. The one who dances merrily and with wild abandon. Her eyes absorb all there is to see, thus giving her a quiet wisdom. In all things she sees the beauty and joy, In her there is no fear, as she sees only the truths. At night you can watch her dancing in the fire's glow Her images looming in and out in the shadows of the night, Her deep passionate laughter fills the air in a haunting melody, Her restless spirit leads her to far away places, seeking wonder, Her immense passion propels her into maddening love. Her abandon sets free the spirit of the man who dares approach. Her heart knows no bounds, as she lives for all of the tomorrows. She is the gypsy, the wild one, the one with the spirit of living. By Cougar Wisdom

November 25th, 1998

Song by: Stevie Nicks ~Gypsy~

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Mega Avs Pages Coming Soon

Geocities decided to just delete all my stuff so I'm in the process of redoing the pages.

New Rooms I've Created

Please enjoy and respect one another

Peace and Love

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These are linx to some of my many friends and family and also to just some very beautiful sites...I hope you enjoy them as much as I have....Peace and Love

The links no longer work either as the company that would redirect you went out of business. 'sighs deeply' I'm working on fixing all of them, hopefully one day everything will work again.


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