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Dennis' Brainlord Page

Brainlord is a great role-playing Game from Enix. It has loads of "brain" teasing puzzles. Unlike some of the new games that have been coming out lately, you won't have to spend literally days trying to figure out some impossible puzzle. There are some puzzles in Brainlord that are difficult, and may even take you an hour or so to figure out. Overall though, Brainlord is a very satisfying game. Game play is approximately 20 hours, so it's definitely not going to tie you up for weeks. Some interesting facts that will help you with this game are: You do not get experience for killing monsters, just money, the amount shows up in small numbers where the monster has been defeated. The only way to increase your heart meter is to find hearts inside things like chests or boxes. The only ways to increase your defense and attack powers is to find and drink ("use" command) potions or use jade fairies. Shields will be used up i.e. they start out with a number of points assigned to them and with each point of damage they receive, the numbers fall, until you have a worthless lump of metal. When in town if you stand in front of merchant's counters, you can buy things, if you go behind the counter, you can have a conversation. Lastly, jade fairies do go up in level by eating glowing blue balls the defeated enemies will occasionally leave behind (you cannot pick these up). I really like this game, and since it's so hard to find anything about it on the web, I decided to make my own page. If you run into any problems, or get "stuck", feel free to e-mail me or, you can visit my games page here.


You start the game in the town of Arcs, daydreaming about the day your father left. After you finish daydreaming and go to look at the job openings, you have control of your character. Go ahead and be friendly, walking all around town and talking to everyone. When you go upstairs in the hotel you start out in, you will find a man selling jade fairies, which you will find to be valuable allies. I don't recommend buying any this early in the game. For one thing you don't have enough money, and you will be getting a couple of jade fairies for free in the near future. If you absolutely insist on having a fairy or if you just want more money, before you leave town to journey to the Tower of Light, you can leave by way of the north gate, and go fight monsters to earn extra money. Don't buy the crimson or defense jades (these are the ones you will be getting), but I would highly recommend the anger jade (my favorite one that you can buy at 32,000!). The next thing you should do, is go into the house directly behind the hotel and talk to the old lady. The old lady will ask you to clear out the mice from her attic-do so. After you kill all the mice, go open the two chests you find there. One chest has a scrap of paper that you can read ("use" again) and has some useless info about your father. Sell this scrap at the tool/weapon shop when you're done. The other chest has a buckler, go ahead and use the "equip" command for that now. The buckler will increase your defense. The other places you can visit in town are the weapons and tool shop, the school, Marlon's house, and the magic shop. Your next visit will probably be the weapons and tool shop. These are the things you will need to buy: 2 cheeses, 6 apples and 2 warp gates (if you want you can get more healing. You can never have too much!). This is all you really need at this point in time. If you want to get extra, that's up to you. In the magic shop you can buy some useful spells, but you shouldn't need them yet, but if you do decide to purchase some, be aware that you will be getting magic shot and magic missile in the not-too-distant future. There's nothing to do in the schoolhouse except talk. Go ahead and talk to Marlon. You will find out that he's buying dragon scales for the incredible price of 10,000 each! Whoa, better leave town to go look for some of those bad boys! Exit town by the north gate.

The North Road

Follow the path. If you come to an obstacle that you have to go around, it doesn't matter, you will always end up in the same place no matter which way you go. Kill all the enemies as you come to them. If you let enemies slip behind you, they're going to gang up on you and attack from all sides. Additionally, if you go back after you've defeated an enemy, they will reappear. So be careful not to go up to an enemy, turn, and run away, as you will probably run back into one you just killed and become surrounded. Pick up any items that enemies drop by just walking over them. The small hearts you see sometimes do not add an extra permanent level to your heart meter, but, they do cure you 1 heart level. Soon you will come to a ledge as you travel up and to the left. Here you need to jump up onto the ledge (use "A" button and push up on control pad). Go to the right, jump up onto another ledge, and enter the log cabin you'll find there. Go downstairs, kill all the monsters, and open the chests. Inside the chests you will find a heart, and crimson jade (told you you'd be getting a jade soon!). "Use" both items. The heart will add another permanent level to your heart meter, and the crimson jade will begin to fly around your head shooting fireballs at enemies (cool!). Exit the cabin. Continue to the right, jump down a couple of ledges, and continue following the path. Make sure your jade "eats" any glowing blue dots left by the enemies (you may need to walk toward the dot). Eventually you will come to another 2 ledges straight in front of you. Jump up onto both ledges and continue straight ahead (as if you have a choice). You have reached the Tower of Light.

The Tower of Light

First Floor
There is a statue, and Kashian in front of you, talk to Kashian and she will tell you about save points. Go ahead and save your game at the red statue. Go right, the corridor will take you in a counter-clockwise direction. Kill the monsters, and read any plaques you see along the way. Go ahead and let crimson jade earn his keep (hang back some and let him kill monsters). Remember speed kills, especially in this game. Just keep on going along the corridor and you will come to some stairs going up. easy huh? Something seems to be missing though, like a major portion of the level! Don't worry, you will enter from above and explore the rest of this level later.
Second Floor
Here you will find the first puzzle of the game (really too easy to be called a puzzle). Go ahead and read the plaque, and go on down to the door. It won't open! Go back to the rock you'll find in the room. Push the rock from the right hand side as far left as it will go. Go back around the wall until you are up from the rock. Push the rock down to the wall. Go back around the wall and approach the rock from the right. Push the rock to the left, until it's in the middle of the room. Push the rock up and stop on the switch that's in front of the door, the door opens. If you make any mistakes doing any of the "puzzles", all you have to do is exit the room and re-enter, the puzzle will have re-set. Go on through the door and save your game at the statue. Follow the corridor and go through the door. Go to the left and enter the next door. Kill all the mice and talk to Kashian. Seems she didn't like the mice. Kashian will give you a key for the chest that you will find there. Open the chest to find the magic shot (told you!). Magic shot is some nice firepower to have. Press and hold the "B" button and you will see a meter at the bottom of the screen start charging. When the meter is fully charged you can let go of the button and a magic "shot" will fire whatever direction you are facing, doing damage to any monster in the way. Be aware that you can walk around with your magic meter charged and let go when you see a monster. Exit the room and go back right, past the door you entered by. Watch out, you have some pairs of monsters coming up. Keep on going until you get to another door that you will enter. There is a door to the right you don't want to miss. Push the rock onto the right hand switch, the left ball gets pushed up (or down), and push the right ball to the right onto the switch. Go through the open door. If you need to cure some of your wounds, stand in front of the basin of water between the two chests, and press "B". You will be healed. Open the chests to find the restoration key and the heart. "USE" the heart right now to increase your HP meter by 1. Exit this room and follow the room around to the left. Go ahead and read the plaque by the door, then go on through. CAUTION, the floor is trapped! Spikes will spring out of the floor and damage, even kill your character, especially if you stand there and wonder what that whoop whoop noise is (you're taking damage). The game calls them swords but they look like spikes to me, so that's what I'll call them. You will only run into one set of spikes (just before the next door) if you hug the right hand wall. It is possible, if you have good eyesight, to see where the spikes are by looking for small squares on the floor. If you don't have good eyesight (like me), you can just move reeeeal slow and the spikes will pop up before you reach them, allowing you to avoid them. After you go through this next door go to the right. Open the chest you find for a free apple. Go ahead back left, until you come to a pit. Do not fall in, you will take damage! You need to either jump or walk onto the moving squares so they take you down (south). TAKE YOUR TIME! Sometimes you need to gauge the timing of the squares. If you fall, you take damage, and have to start at the last door you came in. OK, after you cross this pit and the next pit to the south (down) you will meet your first archer (these guys fire arrows). It seems like no matter how many times I play this game that rascal gets me every time! Go to the right and go in the third door. Wend your way around the pits and open the chest to get the long bow go ahead and equip it. Now you too can shoot arrows. Go back out and enter the second door. This is an easy puzzle. Push up on the outer 2 balls, and push the center one to either side. Inside the chest you get the seal key. Exit and go into the first door, CAREFUL of the spikes just in front of the chest. You must open the chest from the side for a warp gate. A little note here; if you ever find yourself in a bind, i.e. low on healing/ HPs, poisoned with no cure etc. you can just use a warp gate to Arcs to get what you need, then another to warp back to your last save point (make sure you always have a couple on hand). Don't leave this room just yet. Push against the wall, behind the treasure chest. A secret stairway is now revealed. Go down the stairs. If you look around downstairs you will find: 1. A mushroom (heals 10 HP) 2. Magic wallet (money appears in it) 3. Warp gate , and 4. A heart (use now). Go back upstairs. Exit the first room. There is a room to the left, but it's locked and you don't have the key yet. Ride the squares back across the pit. At the next pit, go to the left this time. Use one of your keys on the locked door. Use your other key on the door straight across from you. Here you need to use your jumping skills again. Jump up, right, right, up, up, right. Open the chest and equip the chain mail. Exit the room and go left. There is quite a long corridor here, with spikes that pop up. I have found that by hugging the left wall, you will miss most of them. Interestingly enough, you not only have to avoid spikes, but monsters as well. Go as far down as you can, and enter the door (watch out for the spikes just in front!). Jump across the pit, go through the door, and get the third floor key from the chest. There is another secret stairway in this room. Push on the back wall, to the right of the chest. Go down the stairs that are revealed. Explore around and you will find chests with the following: 1. A foundation jade (equip now, increases your defense). 2. Source of power (use now, increases power) and 3. Cheese. Go back upstairs and exit the room. Go back up the long corridor, and about half way up on the right hand side there is a room. Go in, being careful of the spikes, and open chest from the left-hand side for the source of protection. Use the source of protection to raise your defense permanently. Remember that locked door back by the archer across the pit? Go back and unlock it with the third floor key. This room has a bit more difficult puzzle. 1. Push middle ball to one side (left or right doesn't matter). 2. Push top rock onto left switch. 3. Push bottom rock onto right switch. 4. Push top ball up (stops at door). 5. Push bottom ball up (stops on switch, door opens). 6. Push ball by door to the side. Go through the door and up to the third floor.
Third Floor
Go straight ahead and save your game at the statue. There is a locked door in back of you to the right, remember where it is, you will use it later. Somewhere on his floor you will talk to Kashian and will be given some x-ray glasses, which will allow you to see an entire floor, so talk to everyone you see. Go into the door just to the right of the save point (statue). Jump onto the moving platforms. The platforms will take you around the perimeter of the room in a clockwise direction, eventually bringing you to a platform with two chests. Open chests for an iron sword and round shield. Equip the shield. You can also equip the iron sword if you like it better than the bow (I personally like to stay as far from enemies as I can get). Exit the room. Enter the second door to the right of the save point. STOP just inside the door. The floor in this room fades in and out. When there's no floor, you will fall, be transported to the door, and take damage. What you need to do is watch the floor and see which parts do not disappear. When the floor fades back in, walk to one of the sections that remain solid and wait for the floor to cycle out again. Repeat this process until you come to the end where you will enter a door. Hang in there, a recovery spring is close by. If you walk around in this room, you will find a merchant selling items that you may want to purchase. You can try to open the chest next to him if you want but he won't let you (hey! what are you doing!) Just up from the merchant there is a chest to open containing the detour key. Make sure you have this before trying the door to the left as it will close and lock behind you! If you want, go on in this door, it comes out way back by the save point. You can save your game if you want (recommended). Go back out the door using the detour key to open it. Go down and to the right of the merchant. There are two doors with two switches and one rock. Don't worry about the first door, instead, push the rock onto the switch for the right door and enter. IMMEDIATELY exit the door. Now you can push the rock onto the switch for the left door because it's reset. Enter the left door for a recovery spring……..there didn't that feel good? Remember where this is and you can come back when you need it. Go ahead back out and enter the right door. You will meet Rein in the middle of this corridor, go ahead and talk, but most of all remember his location. You will need to come back for him a little later. It really doesn't matter which of the two doors you enter first, so, just for fun I'll say lets walk to the left and enter that one. 1. Push the center ball up. 2. Walk up and push center ball to either right or left. 3. Push the bottom of the set of three rocks down. 4. Push the top rock down, it will go onto switch and open top door. Walk through the next door. Follow the corridor and enter the next door. There is a plaque just inside that gives you a hint for this room. WATCH OUT for the bouncing balls in this room. Anyway, you need to dodge these balls, and push the ball aside that is directly in front of the treasure chest. Stand in front of the chest (across a pit), and "fire" several magic shots at the chest, the floor around the chest will become solid, and you can cross to get the crossroads key. Exit this room, follow the corridor, and back into the room with all the balls. Since everything has reset, you need to walk down, push the outside balls down, and the middle ball to the side. Exit room. You are now back in the room with the archer on an "island" in the middle of a pit. Go in right hand door. Jump on the moving platforms to get the treasure chest in the upper left-hand corner of the room that has a source of power in it. Use the source of power for a strength boost right now. Jump back on the platforms and go right and through the door you'll find there. Go on down the passageway, but be careful of the orange balls that start rolling toward you. Just dodge the balls as best as you can and go through the door. Go down in the next room to a door. Enter the door. Get the heart from the chest and use it. Read the plaque if you want. Exit the room. You will need to go in the right hand door but it won't open, so you need to: 1.push the left rock onto the upper left switch. 2. Push both balls up onto the upper middle switches and 3. Push the right rock onto the upper right switch. Go in the door, but be careful of the moving "balls" of light, they can damage you. Dodge the light balls as best as you can, and go open the chest for the magic missile medallion (told you that you would be getting this). This is a pretty good spell, you don't have to be standing in front of someone to damage them. The "magic missiles" will find your enemies (cool). All right, exit this room. You will notice that the puzzle has reset itself, and the door you originally came in through won't open now. Here's what you need to do: 1. Push left ball up. 2. Push that ball left. 3. Push right ball up. 4. Push that ball to the right. 5. Push right rock straight up and onto switch in front of door. 6. Push left rock up and onto switch in front of other door. Exit the room by way of the upper left door and go back past the orange balls, across the pit, past the room with the island in the middle, down through the door, past rein, and exit the door. You can push the rock onto the next switch and go on in for a refreshing drink at the purification spring. Now might be a good time to go back through the detour door to save your game. Go back down from where the merchant is and through the door. Go right and use your crossroads key on the door you find there. Go up and to the right, killing monsters and jumping pits as necessary. Don't let the orange ball squish you! You need to get the orange ball to chase you as you walk toward the next door. Lead the ball down against the lower wall, right, then walk straight up and out the door (you might have to walk against the door and wait a second or two for the ball to cross the switch). Talk to the character you find here (I think it's Barness). They will ask you to find someone to stand on the other switch (doh!). Go back and get talk to Rein, then come back here. The two will stand on the switches, allowing you to go through the door. This next area, you need to push the bottom ball to the left (probably will get squished), and get the orange balls to follow you one at a time out and to the bottom of the room-out of the way. Exit the room, dodging orange balls. Go back past Barness? and Rein, past the single orange ball, back across the pits and exit the crossroads door. Go left and up. Open the far left door with the fourth floor key. Go on up the long corridor and climb the stairs to the fourth floor.
Fourth floor
Save your game at the statue.Make sure you have a bunch of cheeses prior to fighting the boss at the end of this level. Now might be a good time to warp back to Arcs to stock up. Exit through the door. If you use the x-ray glasses, you will notice that this level is pretty wide open with a little solid ground and lots of "pit" area. Head left and down. Keep going down until you can go no further. To the right of your character, there is a moving platform; jump onto it. Next jump onto the platform to the right. Go and jump down to the next platform. Follow this platform down and to the right. Toward the end of the platform, there is another moving platform you need to jump onto. This platform will take you up to another platform that has a chest with a heart! Use the heart. Go back until you get to the platform that's hooked onto the door leading to the save point. Keep to the right, and you will see a floating platform. You need to do a diagonal jump to get to this one (practice on solid ground first). In the upper right portion of the platform, there is a moving platform you need to jump onto. Jump onto the next platform (up and to the right) and get the reviving mirror from the chest. Head on back up and save your game. Exit the door again and this time go right. Jump across the pit and go right and down. Talk to Kashian and go right. You need to get to the right-hand wall of this level, so head diagonally down and to the right. Your next jump will be up onto a rectangular platform. Go to the end of this platform and make a diagonal jump up, and to the right. Head right and then down as far as you can go, until you reach a chest. Open the chest for the sky room key. Go back to the platform past the rectangular one (the same one Kashian is standing on). You may need to use your x-ray glasses to see where you have to go next. Approximately south-west (down & left) from the diagonal platform, you will find a moving platform to jump onto-do so. Be patient and wait for the next platform to line up and you can walk onto the next moving platform. Next go down to another stationary platform. Continue all the way to the end of this platform. There are two more moving platforms to navigate, and then you come to more stationary platforms. Just follow the platforms and you will come to the door to THE BOSS. Before you go in, be aware that if you jump onto the platform to the left, there is a purification spring to heal up at prior to the battle with the boss. Use the sky room key to enter the room to fight the boss. The boss in this room is a big ugly cockroach. The best thing I have found to battle it is the longbow. Whenever you hit the boss, a bunch of baby cockroaches flies off and start running around the room. The boss really won't attack you, but the babies will. Keep on shooting arrows and using magic on the big boss, and swat the little guys when they get annoying. Keep an eye on your hp meter and use cheeses when it gets low. This is not too hard a battle. Eventually you will wear the boss down. Go through the next door up. Darn it! Rein has broken through the back wall and took off with most of the dragon scales. You do manage to get one though. In the upper left corner you will find a chest with a warp gate. Time to head on back to Arcs.


Go sell your dragon scale to Marlon the blacksmith... Oops, the price of dragon scales seems to have fallen due to the glut on the market. Take your measly 2,000 gold and be happy. First thing you need to do with this newfound wealth is to go buy an axe in the weapon shop (they have stuff now). Next get any armor you need, along with any supplies you need (will need antidote herb). Go talk to the man on the top floor of the hotel, that sells jades. I would highly recommend getting anger jade. Anger jade is one cool dude, he will fly out and physically attack your enemies-severely limiting their plans to bash you! Go ahead and save your game at the hotel. Now go back and talk to Marlon, and enter the tunnel entrance in his house.

Onward to the Ruins! or,

For those of you stuck in the Ice Palace, I have a walkthrough for level B2.

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