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Welcome To
My Little Corner Of The World

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All About Me

Hello! I'm Mary
(Bambie or CoodaBoo)
My ICQ # 10731254

I Was Told My Best Qualities Are:
My emerald green eyes,
and Fascinating Personality.

Favorite People: Children (#1),
Family, and Friends

My Hubby: Jessie (Jay)
His nickname was: BigDaddy
Click Here! For Jay's WebPage
Jay passed away suddenly on Oct. 21st, 2001
He just turned 61...
We would have been married 34 years Oct. 27th...

My Beautiful Children
They are my greatest accomplishment
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Favorite Place(s): Home

Favorite Sports: Ice Hockey:
Chicago Black Hawks and
Detroit Red Wings

Dislikes: Rude, Know it all people

Favorite Foods: Pizza, Chinese, Italian

Favorite Music: All especially
Love Songs

Favorite Movie(s): Titanic, Nothing To Lose (so funny),
Endless Love, GI Jane,
The original Romeo and Juliet, The Green Mile and What Women Want (funny also)

Favorite TV Show: Days Of Our Lives,
Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel
Reality Shows and Court TV

Hobbies and Interests: Exploring the Internet

My Likes: Poems, Love Songs,
Moonlight Walks on the Beach
and Candle Light Dinners
(In my dreams, Hehehe!)

My Mom:
Alice Trutza
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My Sister:
NickNames: Angelsonhi or BearCare
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