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Pvt. Peter Stuart, Co. G, 56 Reg., NYS Vol. Inf.

I have been trying to locate the parents of my grandfather Peter Stuart/Stewart for years. His fathers name is given as Lemuel Stuart in a marriage document with the mother as Carlyle Neil. Various birth dates are given ranging from 1843 to 1847, the most likely being 1844. The birth place was given as Greene Co., NY.

I have traced all Lemuel Stuart/Stewart in the 1850 fed. census for that region of NY, finding none that fit. Looked at other given names and a John Stuart/Steward surfaced with several children, one being Peter 9 in 1850, almost right. This family appears again in the 1855 NY state census as Steward. This coincides with word of mouth history that his mother died when he was a boy.

Peter actually grew up in Beech Lake, PA, served in the Civil War, returned to Beech Lake (Honesdale), PA and raised 1st family.

The family moved to Scranton, PA sometime after 1880 where the youngest son, Frank Stuart, was born in 1885. Peters' first wife, Angenette Montgomery, died in 1892 and apparently the family dispersed, the children going to relatives. Found Myrtle, a daughter, living with sister Ada (Stuart) Weidaw and family in 1900 PA fed. Census.

Peter is in Elmira, NY about 1893 as is eldest son Fredrick Milton Stuart. Records indicate that Angenettes younger sisters, Lucy Teed and Katherine Montgomery, live in Elmira, NY. Kate is residing with the Teed family. Fredrick married a girl from Elmira, Amy Taylor, in 1895. Peter is in Urbana, NY around 1895 where he meets and marries Cora Vangelder in 1904 and raises 2nd family in Bath, NY. Peter died in 1926. The rest is recent history. I was born and raised in Bath, NY

Maternal line: Dyer / Coots
Paternal line: Stuart / Vangelder

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