CV Christoph J. Geißler, Ph.D.
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CV Christoph J. Geißler, Ph.D.

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Christoph J. Geißler, Ph.D.
In der Vorstadt 27
D-73529 Schwäbisch Gmünd
phone: +49-(0)7171-997280

May 2,1998 graduation, Ph.D.-degree
1994-1997 see next paragraph (teaching experience)
1993-1994 University of Florida: graduate courses
1992-1993 Universität Würzburg (FRG): dissertation research
1991-1992 University of Florida: graduate courses; admission to candidacy
1990-1991 Universität Würzburg: graduate studies
1988-1990 University of Florida: graduate courses
1982-1988 Universität Bamberg: double major in Germanistik and Catholic Theology

2002-2003 Studienreferendar, Parler-Gymnasium, Schwäbisch Gmünd, GERMANY
2001-2002 Studienreferendar, Hans-Baldung-Gymnasium, Schwäbisch Gmünd, GERMANY
3/2001-5/2002 Assistant Professor of German, Schiller International U, Heidelberg, GERMANY
1998-2000 Assistant Professor of German, U of Maryland U College, Schwäbisch Gmünd, GERMANY
1997-1998 Graduate Teaching Assistant, U of Florida
1994-1997 Fulltime German Instructor at the University of South Carolina, teaching regularly 4 courses per term and/or one summer class: beginning and intermediate level, conversation and composition, German for business majors
1993-1994 Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), University of Florida
1993 Goethe-Institute instructor: German courses at 2 military bases in Germany; beginning - intermediate - advanced level for army personnel
1992 Europa-Kolleg, Kassel (Germany): instructor for German language, literature and culture courses on a fulltime contract (M-F, 35 hrs per week, all levels, ages 12-35, incl. business German)
1991-1992 GTA, University of Florida: one course per semester in beginning German
1991 Instructor at the Kolping Bildungswerk, Würzburg, Germany: taught all levels and age groups of immigrants; German language, literature, culture; also geography and physical education
1990 Instructor, Universität Innsbruck, Austria: taught one course in beginning German and tutored 5 courses (exchange program of the University of New Orleans)
1988-1990 GTA, University of Florida: taught intensive beginning German under Florida Communication Model (Prof. Helga Kraft)

* proficiency-based teaching at all levels
* German language, literature and culture
* business German
* testing and evaluation
* exchange programs with German-speaking countries
* literature/cabaret of the Weimar Republic and the GDR
* Kurt Tucholsky

1996 Business German workshop at the Goethe-Institute, Atlanta, GA: Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch und Zertifikat für den Beruf (PWD & ZfdB)
1996 AATG SC Immersion weekend at St.Christopher (SC): teaching methods and examples of classroom activities in highschools and colleges
1995 AATG Annual Conference at Stanford University, CA: paper "Tucholskys Beitrag zur Kabarettkultur der Weimarer Republik"
1995 Conference on multiculturalism and contemp. German literature at Washington University, MO: organizer/supervisor for 8 graduate students (planning, funding, transportation, hotels regarding this trip)
1994 Graduate Student Colloquium at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC: paper "Die Tucholsky-Rezeption in der DDR"
1992 Graduate Student Colloquium at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC: paper "Die Intellektuellen in der DDR"


1993-1994 Departmental Grant, University of Florida, Dept. of GSS
1993 Oskar-Karl-Foster Stipend, Universität Würzburg, Germany
1992-1994 Linton E.Grinter Fellowship, University of Florida
1992-1993 Grant from the Kurt Tucholsky Gesellschaft, Germany

MLA: Modern Language Association
AATG: American Association of Teachers of German
SAMLA: South Atlantic Modern Language Association
GSA: German Studies Association
KTG: Kurt Tucholsky Gesellschaft (Germany)
Phi Sigma Jota: International Foreign Language Honor Society

1996-1997 Faculty advisor for the German Club, University of SC
1996 Upward Bound Program: participant (minority student orientation, University of SC
1994-1995 Fulbright Student Exchange Screening Committee (University of SC)
1994 Travel Funds Committee, University of Florida
1990-1991 Dept. representative for graduate students; computer advisor, UF, Dept. of GSLL
1989-1990 Intensive Language Program Tutor, UF, Dept. of GSLL

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