Gulf Coast Christian Church
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Gulf Coast Christian Church


Gulf Coast Christian Church at 590 E.Burgess Road;Pensacola,Florida 32504 is a non-denominational independant Christian Church. We practice weekly communion and baptize by immersion for remission of sins. We believe the Bible is the all inspired word of God and that we are to call ourselves "Christians" only. Our only creed is Christ. Jesus Christ is the only true savior of the world and is the perfect Son of God. Our faith and practice is tied directly to our obedience to God through Jesus Christ. We believe in a Heaven and Hell. We believe that the Bible commands us to tell the Gospel of Christ to all the world. We would like to tell you more and would love to have you visit with us at our worship services. We are located just south of I-10. Take exit 5 Davis Hwy south to Burgess Road. Take a right turn going west and the church is located on the right just past Plantation Road. If you would like further information please e-mail us at the address below.

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