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FURRY BOOTS Norwegian Forest Cats:

Supreme Champion Furry Boots SINDRI

Sindri is the Third Generation of breeding at Furry Boots Norwegian Forest Cats. He is a cream smoke and white stud, with white toes and bowtie. His sire and dam are Gr.Ch. Furry Boots Loki, and (Furry Boots) Potpourri av Trollsfjord DM. You can probably tell from his pictures that he's a real softie in all the ways possible. In 1997 he became the first Supreme Champion Norwegian Forest Cat in South Africa. The Sup.Ch. title in SA, requires a minimum of 16 different all-breeds judges, to agree the title at a minimum of 9 separate shows, at least a month apart Judges look for the triangle-shaped face (a triangle from in front of the ears to the nose tip), with a ruler-straight nose profile, and they check the exact shape and position of the ears, eyes and chin, among other items to a total point value of 100.

Sindri is rather special around here. In mid-1997, he chased and caught Oleander leaves in his teeth, which were blowing about in the wind in a hurricane, and became poisoned. The specialist vets gave him no chance of survival, but he was treated using homeopathy, and is now thought to be the first survivor of Oleander poisoning among cats, dogs or horses!

Here below, Sindri has just moved to USA, and is seen with his younger brother Furry Boots King Dietrik, also a cream cameo and white. Dietrik is 9 months here. Sindri is 2 years old here, and is on the right:

SUPREME CHAMPION FURRY BOOTS SINDRI, cream smoke with white - on the right.

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