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FURRY BOOTS Norwegian Forest Cats: Kyrrekatt MINERVA (blue with white), ...........................and.............................. ...POTPOURRI av Trollsfjord, DM ... (silver tortie tabby, mackerel) - below.

(Furry Boots) Kyrrekatt MINERVA
(blue with white toes and locket)

Minerva is my first Norwegian Forest queen, and is responsible with Odin, for starting the breed in South Africa. Minerva was bred in UK by Eileen and Brian Hancock. Her sire and dam are Hakon Rein Felis Jubatus, and Kyrrekatt Nematona. On her very first show, she made runnerup by one point, for best kitten on show, being the first member of her breed judged in SA after the breed was recognised. She had 4 judges including a visiting overseas judge, to place her. It was exciting to have such a running start for the breed. She is 9 months old in the photo here, but will soon have her 5th birthday. She has kittens due in Apr 1998, by my cream cameo stud, Sindri.

(Furry Boots) POTPOURRI av Trollsfjord, D.M.
PURRY for short (silver tortie tabby)

Purry is just the best breeding queen anyone could wish for, pictured here as a lady in waiting. She's a large slim girl of 13 lbs when not pregnant, and like her famous mother, produces kittens simply by purring a bit louder. Her breeder is Margarete Leleithner of Germany, and her sire and dam are Int.Ch. Unikum av Trollsfjord and Gr.Int.Ch. Matilda av Trollsfjord. Mated with my stud Loki, there is a magical result every time, as they are genetically *so* very different, as well as both being exceptionally good type. That's the best combination for great kittens, having good type and different genes, especially polygenes, as Purry has proved: She is the first female to earn a title of "Distinguished Merit" for a Norwegian Forest Cat in South Africa. This was achieved at only 3 yrs of age, and she is one of perhaps 30 cats with a DM title in the history of the registry there, so it's quite an honor. Her kittens include my Frigga, Sindri and others on this site.

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