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Furry Boots Norwegian Forest Cats - REVERSE SMOKE!

Grand Champion FURRY BOOTS LOKI as a young kitten.

Furry Boots Loki is pictured as a four month kitten, in a color I call "reverse smoke". There is no significance to the name, except that a genuine smoke has white at the base of the fur, with black at the tips, and this is black at the base, with light tips.

These black cats (and they are black) occur now and then in Norwegian Forest Cats and Persian lines that I know of. Breeders with more experiecne than I have, say that they turn out to be the darkest best blacks in the long run.

It is really easy to assume that you have a weird color, but it is just an unusual developmental stage in some black cats. Loki here became black and a grand champion about a year after this pic was taken, and you can see more pics of him on my home page.

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