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FURRY BOOTS Norwegian Forest Cats: KITTENS, Past and Current in no particular order........

Furry Boots no longer has kittens available - I was a breeder for a long time but have retired. Do enjoy the past pictures!
Please note that I breed to FIFe standards (Federation Internationale Feline)
Hence my kitties have the alert expression, upright ears, and ruler profile on an equilateral triangle face. This differs somewhat from the usual USA type with lower ears and shorter face, and a "sweet" expression.

Here are pictures of some of the kitties; they are exceptional for type temperament, size and health!

Furry Boots Princess Rinda here is from Kyrrekatt Nyfiken and Furry Boots Sigrun.
She is a blue-cream with a couple of white toes, born 9 Feb 2002. She is famous for her growl! She uses it when she has a furry toy with which to tease the rest of the kittens, challenging them to steal it from her.

FURRY BOOTS PRINCESS RINDA, bluecream with white.

Furry Boots Rorik is a littermate to Princess Rinda. He's a big black bloke, with an equally big purr. Likely to be the gentle giant variety, he too has excellent type and coat characteristics. He fooled me. He started very small, but by 3 months was the big man of the litter of five.

FURRY BOOTS RORIK, solid black.

Furry Boots Eisa is another littermate to Princess Rinda. She was born so small she was hardly half the size of my forefinger and was of course not expected to live. But with all the skill I could muster as a homeopath, and with Eisa's determination to live, she took a while but has become a hale and hearty kitty. She had to be handraised, she was just too immature to even suck at birth. She of course knows she is a human and I'm sure wonders a bit about why she's in a cat shape. The litter was premature (due to a feeding mistake - I fed food containing alfalfa) but this little miracle girl is proud to be around, though she may never be the usual size of a wegie. She's a sweet little people-hugger. Her fur here is not fully pigmented yet, but in a few months will be solid black, so she's black with a few white toes.

FURRY BOOTS EISA, black and white.

Furry Boots Lorride, born Aug 2001 from Sup.Ch.Furry Boots Sindri and Potpourri av Trollsfjord DM, is a red silver tabby girl who loves to love everyone else. Her cute thing to do, is to sit in begging position and wave her paws gently to attract attention and ask for some. She is 9 months here.

FURRY BOOTS LORRIDE, red silver tabby female.

Furry Boots Sindur, born Jan 2002 is beautiful big black girl from Kyrrekatt Nyfiken and Potpourri av Trollsfjord DM. Like her mother she will be very large for a female wegie, her mom being 13 lbs. She gets her fantastic jet black coat from her father.

FURRY BOOTS SINDUR, solid black.

Furry Boots Eyra, born Aug 2001, is a littermate to Rogner above. She's from Sup.Ch. Furry Boots Sindri and Potpourri av Trollsfjord DM, and will be my new queen one of these days. She, like most females from "Purry" is a huge kitty for a female, and is from a breeding line who simply purrs their kittens out effortlessly, and then revel in being wonderful mothers. She's age 9 months here.


Furry Boots Lodur, born 1998, from Gr.Ch Fury boots Loki and Dbl.Ch.Furry Boots Frigga is a red silvertabby guy who was a tad smaller than the others, but wow, what wonderful type. And guess what, at 4 months he had more than caught up with the others. From lynx tipped ears, (which mine do not all have) to tufted toes, via a raincoat to die for, this guy arrived with personality for an army. His purr is double-strength, and has no off switch. He's the sort to come rushing to say hi, climb on your shoulder, rub your ear, and deafen you with a purr, then flop on your lap and pull your hands closer for greater attention. He chats as he purrs, which can be technically awkward, occasionally resulting in hiccups, then a louder purr than ever. He's a nonstop climber and games addict, was first out of the nest. The sort you can take anywhere - he'll take anything in his stride.
As an adult he became a huge cat still inclined to climb the walls - literally, and he holds high show titles as a Grand Premier (so far).

FURRY BOOTS LODUR, red silvertabby and white.

Sindri and Minerva (see their pages) have produced the next lovely blue boy with some cute white toes.
Furry Boots Thialfi, born 1998, parents Sup.Ch. Furry Boots Sindri and Kyrrekatt Minerva - is superb for type and size, and all my kitties wind themselves around your heart in nothing flat! Age 6 weeks here, he has since become a Grand Champion stud. He and his brother Mani have the most luxurious coats.

FURRY BOOTS THIALFI, blue with white.

Furry Boots breeds the original type Norwegian Forest Cat to FIFe standards, although we are currently in USA.
Under FIFe the abbreviation for Norwegian Forest Cat is NFO, so you will sometimes see NFO and sometimes NFC when reading about these cats. They are also called "Wegies" for short.

Furry Boots SINDRI (cream smoke with white toes and bib)
Male, 2 months old, born 1995.

Owner/Breeder: Irene de Villiers. Sire: Grand. Ch. Furry Boots LOKI. Dam: (Furry Boots) Potpourri av Trollsfjord, DM.

Sindri is now a Supreme Champion at Furry Boots. Here he shows the typical kitten precursor raincoat hairs sticking out from the normal-length fur. Notice also that the face shape changes quite significantly in this line from kitten to adult. As a young kitten, the facial boning is still developing here, and will finally become the straight-sided triangle face required of the breed. Under FIFe, this triangle is an equilateral triangle measured from a line in front of the ears, down to the nose tip. The muzzle should not be snipey, but should not be wide at all. However, a fair size whiskerpad is often needed to support whiskers to trip over!

Have a look at Sindri's page (Link at end of page) to see how nicely his equilateral triangle face meets the standard as an adult. He has no whiskerbreak, no pinched muzzle, in fact a perfect triangle face, as an adult.
This is a slow developing breed in many respects, and it helps to know what in a kitten, will turn into which as an adult!!! At Furry Boots, I feel that 2 months is the youngest age at which kittens of this breed can reasonably be assessed for the final looks or "type" that they will have as adults. The weight range for the breed is about 8-11 lbs for an average female, and about 10-13 lbs for an average male. Furry Boots cats are towards the heavier end, with a few exceptionally large ones well over the upper end I consider usual. Due to the genetics used in breeding for health, the kittens at Furry Boots tend to be bigger than average, which is desirable in the breed.

We are really lucky with this breed, as far as pedigreed breeds go. That's because what is wanted on show, is the same that you would select for just to breed a really healthy cat. There are no extremes, no extralarge or extrasmall or extralong or extrashort or extrafat or extrathin aspects. This is an all-around moderate-featured, big (not giant) healthy cat.

Furry Boots RedRudiger (red silver tabby mackerel) born 1997.
Rudy for short. Male, 5 months.

Sire: Grand. Ch. Furry Boots Loki. Dam: (Furry Boots) Potpourri av Trollsfjord, DM.

Norwegian Forest Cats are typically found in all sorts of odd positions, and I find I need to warn kitten buyers that if they find their kitten in some totally impossible position in which to still be alive, don't panic, they are probably sleeping comfortably! Here Rudy is just relaxing. Rudy is the only kitten I have *ever* seen, stand up tall on arrival. He was hardly born when he stretched those long legs and stepped over his brother to reach "the taps".

A ruler straight profile is required of the breed, and this will take time to develop, varying according to factors like the time taken in general by a breeding line, and the eventual size of the cat, larger cats taking longer with this as with any aspect of development. The breed takes 5 years to mature. Kittens born with a straight profile will always end up with a straight profile. After birth, and once they start to suckle, the profile "bumps up" and takes its sweet time to completely re-straighten; anywhere from 4 months to 2 yrs! But usually it is straight by 9 months.
Don't be put off by the lazy look Wegies can show. These cats are active climbers, and intelligent companions. The intelligence is another natural feature of a cat who has to use brains to survive in the wilds of Norway.

Furry Boots King DIETRIK (cream cameo mackerel), born 1997.
Male, 4 months.

Sire: Grand. Ch. Furry Boots Loki. Dam: (Furry Boots) Potpourri av Trollsfjord, DM.

King Dietrik has the same lovely eyes of his brother Sindri from an earlier litter.

Dietrik sports a kitten tail in this picture: Norwegian Forest Cats have long fluffy tails, for which they are famous. But they take many months to develop and kittens' tails are less spectacular; they fluff out to full magnificence by about 9 months.
The body shape of this breed is very much a unique feature. Their long legs are strong but not heavy-looking like other longhairs. Three measurements should be equal: Back leg to rump height; tail length; and body length. The back legs are a bit longer than the front ones, so that the true "Wegie" does a lovely bunny-hop alternating with long leaps, through the snow.

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