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FURRY BOOTS Norwegian Forest Cats

Furry Boots is the original home of sunny South Africa's Norwegian Forest Cats, however I and my family of furry friends are currently in sunny eastern Washington, after a lovely couple of months in sunny Florida! (Can you tell that these cats travel well? !!!)
Companions for life, these beautiful healthily-bred cats will capture your love and imagination for the rest of your days! Furry Boots Frigga, the tortie on this page, produced her first litter in April 1998, it's the fourth generation of kittens at Furry Boots. As expected, the quality continues to improve in our kittens, as we use modern genetic principles to breed for health and type at the same time.
To see how we achieve this, do see the Genetics page. Enjoy your visit!
Furry Boots is owned by Irene K de Villiers.
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Double-champion (ACFA) / Champion (SACC) Furry Boots FRIGGA demonstrates here the special survival characteristics of the natural Norwegian Forest Cat. Her topcoat of straight, tapered long, glossy guardhairs, makes a raincoat over the ultra-fine crimped undercoat fur which is woolly in texture. This is specially designed for withstanding heavy rain and snow in Norway. Norwegian Forest cats also have different coats in summer and winter, this being Frigga's summer coat. In winter, she adds a wonderful warm ruff to keep her neck warm, and a much heavier undercoat. In Summer, the undercoat is shed all at once in a moult, so that these cats do not shed fur all the time like many longhaired cats. Another unique feature is that the fur does not matt! Matting is prevented by having just the right amount of oil in the coat, and by having an ideal ratio of topcoat guardhairs for weatherproofing. The cats are bred specially for this texture arrangement, rather than for color. So they come in many different colors, but always with superb raincoats for beauty, survival, and easy care.

Email (Please copy it down carefully, removing spaces and using the @ and . where indicated)

furry boots at fastmail dot com