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Fish Waterfall "Cat Home" Feature

My kitties love to drink running water, so I thought I'd add a feature in the livingroom which is fun for me and for them.
It's a ceramic fish waterfall, with a submersed pump, and I use filtered water for safe drinking, which is pumped up onto the fish from underneath, and pours out through the mouth of the fish as a little waterfall.
The rocks have all been cleaned and the bowl is glazed inside and out. The autumn leaves are not real, but wind their way here and there for fun, and to soften the effect of the rocks.
The whole contraption is about 18 inches off the floor, set on top of a "cat condo" as you'll see in the other pics.

Seen from the left, the waterfall feature is reached by the cats, by climbing some large rocks that lead up to the bowl. They are most comfortable with this idea, and the water here is much more liked than the water in their usual large waterbowl.
The cat condo on which the bowl sits, has carpet in front as a scratching post, and is hollow inside, with access holes both sides. The left access hole is small, and hidden among the rocks and autumn leaves. It's a bit of a squeeze for a large cat but they think it's fun.
The entry hole on the other side can be seen in the next picture.

The main condo entry hole is large, but is normally hidden. The entire setup is next to a large cane chair, so that the large condo entry hole is only acessible from under the chair. This is fun for the cats, as it is secret from visitors, and the condo is comfortably carpeted inside. (I moved the chair for the picture.)
You can see the normal view from the right side, in the next and last photo.

Well, this was just a wild idea I had one day, but it has turned out really well, as a feature which is fun for me and for the kitties. Here, Minerva and Nyfiken relax in the waterfall corner by the front door.
The first thing you hear as you come in the front door, is the peaceful sound of water falling. In the future, I hope to add more features to my new home, to make life more interesting and enjoyable for the "family", consisting of myself and the Furry Boots kitties who rule my life. Can you tell who's really in charge here?

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