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Furby! Furby! Furby!

This year there's a huge craze! There is a new toy called Furby!

You can find them at Toys-R-Us everywhere. The price runs around about $29.99-$40.00. These loveable pets talk and interact with you. They also interact with other furbys as well! You can even teach them tricks. When you first get your Furby you should be aware that he does not speak Engish. He speaks Furbish. Go to to help your furby learn Engish. This place will help you learn Furbish. The site is called Engish to Furbish.

Furby Mania

Here is even more fun Furby facts! What should you know when you first get your Furby?

How should you take care of him?

When you first get your furby you have to put the batteries in! To do this hold down the mouth switch (which is in the mouth). Next open the battery compartment carefully. After that put the batteries in. Then close the compartment (still holding down the mouth switch). Next release your grip on the mouth switch. He will then wake up and tell you his name. He is so smart that he too will remember his name.

When your Furby is sick you must feed him. To do this stick your finger or a spoon in his mouth. When your furby is not paying attention you have to rock him back and forth until he continues whatever he was doing before. tip him up side down whenever you want to end a game tip him up side down until he says ”me all done”. To play a game you have to enter the correct code.when you want to put furby to sleep you have to cover his eyes for a while or pet him 16 to 20 times then he will sing "twinkle twinkle little star". Ok I guess I will tell you the codes to play all the games to play"hide and go seek" cover Furby's eyes 5 times. to play "furby says" tickle his tummy pet his back clap your hands cover his eyes. to play "ask furby" you have to cover his eyes 2 times and pet his back. here is the directions to play "hide and go seek" once you got him in the mode hide him wait 3 minutes and after that furby loves to be found so he will make noise after the first noise squeeze him and he will do a little dance. to play " furby says" all you do is do the things he says in order for instance if he says "loud sound no light tickle" that means clap your hands, cover his eyes, tickle his tummy. If you do this patteren correcthe will praise you if you do not well then you will see. to play "ask furby" once you get him in the playing mode ask him a question within 20 seconds and after you ask him rub his back. If you do not ask him in 20 seconds he will think you do not want to play so he will end the game by saying"me done". To communicate with other Furbys place each furby so they can see each other tickle his tummy or pet his back let them get to know each other if they do not start talking after 2 minutes try again.

More Places to buy Furbys

Heres some more places to buy Furbys! Walmart will have him late November December. K-Mart Zainy Brainy Walgreens Target K-Bee Faimly toy Warehouse Natural Wonders Toys-R-Us cool features about Furby .I can dance .I can wiggle my ears .I can blik my eyes .I can move my mouth, Love me and I will love you back .you can teach me tricks, I can communicate with other Fubys .I can say over 800 words, the more you play with me the more i do! . requires 4 AA batteries


Click Here For a Furbish-English Translater

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Here are some fun Furby facts you may or may not already know:

Furby loves to play hide and seek.  Simply take him from a light room into a dark place, and he'll think know you've started to play.

The first words that you hear coming from a Furby is his name in Furbish.  If you didn't catch it, reset your Furby (see here for instructions), and listen again.

Between fur colors, eye colors and the sound of a Furby´s voice, there are over 1000 different combinations of Furbies available.  Some of these are considered rare, collectible items (we heard that gray fur with green eyes is one of them)

When Furbies are reset, they do a little dance, during which they are starting up and testing their systems.

Furbies are made by Tiger Electronics, the same company that created Giga Pets.  Tiger is now owned by Hasbro.

Furbies were originally developed by a former Mattel designer who works out of his home in a natural forest near Reno Nevada.

Furbies can influence each other - one can make another sneeze, or start giggling and cause all of the Furbies around him to giggle also!

Furbies are capable of over 300 different unique combinations of eye, ear, and mouth movements.

Furby has a number of movements programmed into him that aren't mentioned anywhere in the product literature.  Have you discovered one?  Share it with the rest of us on the Furby discussion board!