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If you go snooping around in a lady's purse, you can find a lot of different items that will give you information about her. Well, this is something a lot better than a purse. Its WebMyrcury's Toybox, and its full of the things you'll need to learn about a chick named Steph*, her friends, her pets, her family, her hobbies, her quirks, her  obsessions,  and her life. Feel free to take a peek and play with anything you find. WebMyrcury left the Box wide open...

(Site last updated on 2/19/03: Fanlistings added to this page! Also be sure to check out the Eyecandy page!)

THIS SITE IS MY OLD SITE. If you want to see whats new, visit

What is this site all about? Basically, its about me. My name is Steph. I am 19 years old, a bored highschool graduate, living in Orlando, Florida. On this site, you'll find all kinds of stuff - artifacts, if you will - about me and my life. Exciting, no? A memory page for my Grandma, quotes I like, my journal, friends, artwork, music I enjoy, site awards, links, graphics, Pez collection, my room, my pets, and more. 

 In case you were wondering, this site used to be Steph's Freak Depository. Then it became Steph's Freaky Page. Now it is WebMyrcury's Toybox.  The site has been around, in its many forms, for approximately 5 years now! In fact, I've lost track of how many times I have changed this site's setup. That's why this version is called "Version Lost.0" Useless trivia, I know... keeps me entertained, anyway.  Well, have fun crusing around. The 'Box does a pretty good job of telling you about me. Everything about me. Some things that you probably didnt want to know, even. Enjoy!