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Getting hitched in a B-25 over Lakeland, Florida!

On the 18th of April, 1998, Planedancer and Flightdawg were wed in the B-25 Mitchell bomber "Panchito" at 3500 feet over the Sun 'n fun airshow in Lakeland, Florida.

(click on thumbnail pictures for larger picture)

The happy couple before the wedding ceremony

Jim, sponsor and wedding photographer

What? Me worried?

"Panchito" taxi's out with the wedding party aboard

The above photos were courtesy of our friend, Mike. All the remaining photo's were shot by Jim .

Ready for take-off. Our seats were just below the top turret gunner's position.

A wedding is a celebration of happiness and unification....

...We are gathered to share in this with Planedancer and Flightdawg, who are so wonderfully suited to one another

Planedancer takes a "moment" to ponder the "I do" question

Exchanging rings at altitude and saying vows over headsets

The big Kiss!


Flightdawg forgets cameras are recording every move!

After landing, the newlyweds moved to the nose of the "Panchito" for some pictures

Showing the rings of matrimony to the crowd

This wedding wouldn't have been so wonderful if it wasn't for the following people: Tom Reilly (flying right seat) of Flying Tigers Warbird Museum of Kissimmee, Florida who restored "Panchito", Larry Kelley who owned and captained the ship.

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