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Flightdawg's Sky Babe Page

Dedicated to the men who served in
the United States Army Air Force 1941-1945

Updated 22 August 1998
This page is still under construction.
All related links and photos will be appreciably welcomed, Flightdawg
"Sentimental Journey" B-17

"Cocktail Hour" B-24

"Lil Miss"

"Texas Raider" B-25

"Yellow Rose" B-25

"Yankee Lady" B-17

"Aluminum Overcast" B-17

"Diamond Lil" B-24

"Strawberry Bitch" B-24

"Golden Girl" B-24

"Memphis Belle" B-17

"Our Gal Sal" B-17

"Mary Alice" B-17

"Executive Sweet" B-25

"Photo Fanny" B-25

"Heavenly Body" B-25

"Dream Girl"
Of course, airplanes are nice too!

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