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Deaf History Unvieled - John Vickrey Van Cleve, Editor
- Interpretations from the New Scholarship

Deaf in America - Carol Padden and Tom Humphries
- Voices from a Culture

Deaf Like Me - Thomas Spradley & James Spradley
- A story of coming to terms with deafness

Everyone Here Spoke Sign Language - Nora Ellen Groce
- Hereditary Deafness on Martha's Vineyard

In this Sign - Joanne Greenberg

Language in Motion - Jerome D. Schein, David A. Steward
- Exploring the Nature of Sign

Mother Father Deaf - Paul Preston
- Living between Sound and Silence

Movers & Shakers - Cathryn Carroll & Susan M. Mather
- Deaf People who Changed the World

Seeing Voices - Oliver Sacks
- A journey into the world of the Deaf

Children's Books

Signs For Me - Ben Bahan and Joe Dannis
- Basic Sign Vocabulary for Children, Parents & Teachers
(Available at Dawn Sign Press)

Sign Language Series - Dawn Sign Press
- Sign Language Clowns
- Sign Language Animals
- Sign Language House
- Sign Language Fun
- Sign Language Oppposites
- Sign Language Feelings
(Available at Dawn Sign Press)

Begining Sign Books by S. Harold Collins
The Finger Alphabet
- Have Fun learning the manual alphabet
An Alphabet of Animal Signs
- An animal for each letter of the alphabet
Signing at School
- Signs commonly used in the school setting
Mother Goose in Sign
- Signed English versions of five nursery rhymes
Songs in Sign
- Six familiar songs in Signed English
Can I Help
- Helping the Hearing Impaired in Emergency Situations
Caring for Young Children
- Signing for Day Care Providers & Sitters
Family and Community
- Signs for Family and Occupations
Animal Signs
- An Alphabet of Animal Signs
Number & Letter Games
- Puzzles, Word searches, Math, ect.
- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks
Fruits and Vegetables
- Tree, Bush & Stalk and Root

You Can Learn Sign Language - Jackie Kramer & Tali Ovadia
(available at Troll Books)

Sign Language Literature Series
Coyote & Bobcat
- A Navajo Tale about how the Coyote and Bobcat got their shapes.
Raven & Water Monster
- A Haida Sory aboout how the Raven gained his beautiful black color.
Fountain of Youth
- A Korean tale of reward and punishment.
Ananse the Spider
- Why Spiders stay on the Ceiling.


Random House American Sign Language Dictionary 1994©
- Elaine Costello, Ph.D.

Random House Webster's American Sign Language Dictionary 1998©
- Elaine Costello, Ph.D.

American Sign Language Dictionary 1994©
- Martin L. A. Sternberg

The Joy of Signing 1983©
- Lottie L. Riekehof

Basic Sign Communication 1983©
- National Association of the Deaf

A Basic Course in American Sign Language 1994©
- Humphries, Padden & O'Rourke

A Basic Course in Manual Communication 1973©
- National Association of the Deaf - Terrence J. O'Rourke, Director

Talk to the Deaf 1963©
- Lottie L. Riekehof

Technical Signs 1975©
National Technology Institute for the Deaf (NTID)
- Comunication (Audiology and Speech Pathology)
- Career Education
- English
- Science and Mathematics
- Religion
- Theater
- Legal & Social Work

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