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Types Of Fish In The Pensacola Area

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The Cobia is also known as the Ling. Average size for

the Cobia is about 15 lbs. It is caught up to 130 lbs.

The FL record for the cobia is 128 lbs and 12 oz

caught out of Pensacola FL in April of 1995 by Tom



The sailfish is a smaller billfish common to 40 lbs.

They also range in size up to 120 lbs. The FL record

is 116 lbs 10 oz caught by John Hessler out of Boca

Raton FL in March 1996.


The wahoo is an Offshore fish that ranges in size from

15 lbs to 140 lbs. The fish is best known for its one

exciting run where it has been known to take 250 yards

of line in about 2 seconds. The FL state record for

Wahoo is 139 lbs caught by George Von Hoffman out of

Marathon FL in May of 1960.


The dolphin also known as the Dorado is a colorful

offshore fish that is know for its exciting jumps(also

known as it walks across the water on

its tail) and its beautiful color. These fish range

from 2lbs (Chicken Dolphin) to 80 lbs (Bull Dolphin).

After about 10 lbs they are known as Bull Dolphin. The

FL record is 77 lbs 12 Oz caught by Bill Foster out of

Ft. Pierce in April 1985.


The Amberjack is a relative of the Bluerunner or

hardtail and is a extremely hardfighting offshore

bottom fish. These fish range anyewhere in sizes from

5 lbs to 145 lbs. The FL state record is 142 lbs

caught out of Islamorada FL by W.A. Colbert Jr. in

February 1979.

Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin is considered the gamefish of all

gamefishes. This offshore billfish ranges in sizes

from 100 lbs to 1400lbs. The Fl state record is 980

lbs caught by Warren Culbertson out of Destin FL in

June 1985.

White Marlin

The White Marlin is the smaller version of the Blue

Marlin ranging in sizes of 50 lbs to 200 lbs. The FL

state record is 161 lbs Caught By L.F. Hooper out of

Miami Beach in March of 1938.

Yellowfin Tuna

The yellowfin tuna ranges from 20 to 250 lbs in FL.

The yellowfin is a hardfighting offshore fish. The FL

state record is 230 lbs caught by Robert Jones in Key

West FL in December of 1993.