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Fibromyalgia book



I am looking for Input to My Book on fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Please help if you can. Thank you

  1. Your story
  2. How you think you got it
  3. Is your doctor helpful
  4. Are you in a group
  5. Do you work full time or part time
  6. Do you have your family behind you
  7. Are you still married
  8. Do you take a lot of medication
  9. How long have you had it
  10. Are you male or female. Only 10% are men.

    You will find a web form on this page to fill in,at the end of the form you will see send this will email it to me.Thank you for all your help.

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Oct 07 2004: I have been away from this for some time now, I was side tracked with family problems. I am now divorced! over the last 3 years my life has been hell.I lost my wife I lost the love of my life and I lost my job and I have lost my mind at some times.I did some things that I should not have done to myself but I did get through it with the help of my dauther knowing she is still there day after day loves me no matter what.I told myself I would never ever get a divorce as when I was a kid my mother and father did the same thing and I hated it so much. They would not talk to each other and it hurt both me and my sister, so I said never would I do that to a kid, I had no chouce in the matter.I will never get married again as I will not be able to go through this again and I will never find another like my wife. We are now talking and are friends I did this to make sure my daughter will not have to go through what I did when I was her age, and I can't stay mad at someone who I have loved for 24 years and will till the end. Like alot of others with this disease our loved ones just can not take that we are sick and they leave us.Some leave for differant reasons but most of our spouces do leave us. I have had a very hard time this bast few years and my book was lost in the process that went on. It was removed from the computer I was writing it on, My ex got the computer and before I could get back into the home to get some things it was removed along with all the other stuff I was working on. I was told the computer needed to be fixed as it had a virus I just do not know. So I will have to start over again. I did have a back up but it was thrown out with other items that were thought to be of no use. Life will go on and I will get it done one day. I am no longer working due to this diease other than what I sell on the internet from my air quality site and what I make on my affiliate program. I am getting some government money but it is very little and I am not sure what the future holds for me. I just have to think positive have faith and hope for the best. If you are here and can help with the book in any way with your story please email it to me so I can get this book on the way again and sell it in E-book form over the net. This is the wave of the future e-books are a good way to get the word out and I will get this done one day in the next 7-9 months I hope. I am still going through some boxes with old disks and I may find some parts of the book who knows. Thank you very much for your support and the new email address is at the end of this page and on some of the others. God bless the one with Fibro we need it most days.

Thank you for your visit,please stay to see if you can help in the research of my book. If you help me you will also be helping others with fibromyalgia. If you wish you can also sign my guest book and put down a tip or two that others can use. If you have a question that you would like to ask write it in the book and if I can help you I will get back to you. If you see a question in the guest book and you can help please email the person or write it down in the guest book. Thank you.

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I am writing a book on fibromyalgia and would like to have input from others that have this very hard to get along with disease. If you would like to send me your thoughts or your day to day hardship with fibromyalgia,I would love to hear from you. I would like to hear from as many men as possible as we are few. I have found that only about 10% with fibromyalgia are men and I will have as much information in the book about men since we are out numbered. Men I find also do not like to talk much on this and I hope through this book I will be able to change their view and get men to talk more about it and go out to the groups so they will get the help they need.

I am also looking for some personal stuff. I would like to find out if you are still married to the same person that you were when you got the disease. In my research I have found that a lot of people are now separated or divorced. I have found that the other half can not put up with the pain we go through. We have good days and bad days this is too hard for the other half to deal with, and we are the one in pain. Back when we all got married it was for in sickness and in health. I have found that does not apply in the case of chronic pain and fibromyalgia. let me know as much as you like but, please also tell me as much about you or your loved one it will help not only you but the others that have both diseases fibromyalgia and chronic pain. I would like to know about your doctor and the medication that you are taking. In the research I have done so far it is a mix bag of drugs that we are taking, some work some do not. Drugs are a very big part of our life.Others choose not to take drugs. I also would like to hear how you do with out the pain medication I have been getting email from people who do not take pain medication and some do fine other live with the pain. I am looking for information on how your doctors are treating you as a person, do they think you have fibromyalgia / chronic pain and or how long did it take for them to say yes you do have a disease and it is fibromyalgia or chronic pain and not just in your head. This is very important to the book and it will let others that are new and just found out that they have fibromyalgia or chronic pain. I am trying to help people that have had the diseases for some time and others that have just got the news and now know what they have. Information of any type will help as we all deal with the diseases in a different way, please send what you can you may think of it as not a help but others will thank you.

I will not publish names in the book unless you say it is okay. I will email everyone I use and get a form signed. Most of the names will be listed in the back of the book unless used as part of or all of a chapter. I will not have this book out for about one year as I will need to do more research, and also compile the information sent to me.

Thank you for helping me with this project, it is a book that needs to be written. I will try and write a book that is helpful for both the person with the disease and the person that they live with as they too need to know what we feel like and we are not just looking to stay home and not work. Spouses are a big part of this disease they live with it in a different way than we do but when it come down to it they have it too. If you are a spouse and would like to send me a note on how you deal with it I need this information it will help alot of people and you by writing it down and getting it out of your system. We are sick and we have no choice but to try and get help, your choice is to stay and help us get through or not. I know if I had the choice I would not have this disease and I would be back at work, and we would still have a happy life. My life is not the same it has changed just like all others who have this disease. So if you are a spouse of someone with fibromialgia or chronic pain please send me an email or fill out my form you will be a very big help.

May all the people who come to this page be well and happy. Try to feel good about you it may help. If you do not have fibromyalgia or chronic pain please try to understand what we are going through each day and try to help your spouse or friend we need all the understanding we can get. My best to all who have come to visit my web page.

Scott Watson.

I would like to let everyone know I am now back at work, I was off for a very long time and I started back with the same company I worked for 5 years ago. My wife is very happy and I can see she is not as stressed out as she was a few months ago. I do feel better being back at work and I know it will help me in the long run. I know not all with fibromyalgia will be able to go back to work but if you think you can please try,it will help. The book is coming along very slow as with work and the rest time I need I have been not as diligent as I hoped to be at writing this book. I do hope to have it out by the end of the year. I do how ever need more emails from men with fibro aaand chronic pain I only have a very few. Please if you do know a man with the disease ask him to come to the page and fill in the form. I do hope one day that this diease will be a thing of the past and we all can get on with the life we once enjoyed.our family is the hardest part of the disease as they are the ones who most often think we are just looking for a way out of working or helping out around the home.I do know this from the over 500 emails I now have it is very hard for a person without the diease to know what we go through each day. Although some emails have given the other side and said family is behind them all the way. I wish you all the best and hope you have a good day this week that you can say is a good day and was almost pain free. If you are having a very hard time with your spouse please try to sit them down and show them on the internet that it is a disease you are not well and need them behind you all the way. It is very hard to do but it has worked with others and saved a split up. It is much easyer on the kids also if they know what you are going through day by day most of the time they will see it your way and come around. Please try this I hate to get emails with the words he left me she left me, This has to stop. My wife and I have gone to see a person about it and it did work out for us, If the spouse is willing to try go for it,it will help and friends can also be a very good person to talk to about it. Please try to stay a family, "In sickness or in health" that is what was said on your special day remind your spouse of this.I have found out through some emails that s*x works very well for about 20 min's if this is of any help. Can't hurt and it is fun! Best wishes to all, now on to the form to fill in.

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Please fill in the web form to email me about you. Thank you for all your help.


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