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100% free Internet Access. Easy to download and easy to work. A good alternative as a main sever. Only one draw back they have a banner that has to run while you are on, but not a bad looking one. You should try it, it runs well and you dont have trouble signing on. And it really does not cost anything to surf or chat on the web. 100% Free
FreeWorld Internet
Stiller Research Learn how viruses work and how to protect your PC, Common myths regarding viruses, How anti-virus software works and how to get the most from it, How to remove viruses and fully protect your PC from all threats. See their alphabetic list of common hoaxes. Ckick And Learn About Viruses
AVP AntiViral Toolkit Pro AVP Platinum is the best ant-virus solution. Receive complete protection from Internet, network, floppy disk, and shared file viruses. Download AVP
NeoPlanet Web Browser NeoPlanet unites Content, Community, and Communications, by integrating a web browser, e-mail client, instant messaging, chat, web directory, search engine, and user created communities all into a single application. In addition to putting the best of the Web at your fingertips, NeoPlanet gives you an unprecedented opportunity to control your On-line Environment. Now you can customize your web directory with NeoPlanet channels, create and share communities via NeoPlanet's NetClubs, and express your own sense of Internet Fashion with NeoPlanet's skins. The NeoPlanet Internet Desktop lets you Experience the Web Your Way!! Download TheNeoPlanet Web Browse
Internet Explorer 5.01
the newest version of Internet Explorer browser with 56-bit encryption.
Internet Explorer 5 works faster to save you time. From the new IntelliSense™ features to the improved Search, History, and Favorites functions, Internet Explorer is simply easier to use. Not to mention how much faster it is than its predecessor! IntelliSense gives you automated features that save time when you're on the Web. AutoSearch takes you exactly where you want to go. Find new sites related to the one you're looking at, with an easy click of a button. The Windows Radio tool bar lets you tune in to your favorite radio station while you do your work. You can customize Internet Explorer yourself, or download one of the tailored Web Accessories designed to take advantage of Internet Explorer's technology. Worried about what sites your children might come across? Set limits on what they can see with the Content Advisor. Download The Newest Version Of Internet Explorer
Netscape Communicator 4.7
the latest Netscape browser  with 56 bit Standard Encryption or 128 bit Strong Encryption
Netscape Communicator 4.7 provides consumers with one-click access to music, shopping and information gathering. Seamless integration with leading online interests makes it easier than ever to listen to music from a variety of sources, shop at a host of web stores and find information quickly. Download The Latest Netscape
SmartDownload Key features of SmartDownload are its ability to pause and resume downloads, recover from a dropped Internet connection.After you install SmartDownload, it will automatically activate itself when you download an .EXE or a .ZIP file. You can pause your download if you need to use the phone line or if you simply want to finish the download at a later time. When you want to finish your download, just click the Resume button. During the download, you can browse through the information being offered through the InfoBrowser. If you lost your modem connection during a download, SmartDownload can help. SmartDownload will detect the loss of connection and automatically pause your download. Simply reconnect to your ISP. Once reconnected, click the Resume button on the SmartDownload Client to resume the download from where you left off. If you are an Internet Explorer user, the current release of SmartDownload can be used to download Netscape Communicator 4.5. But SmartDownload will not install itself if you have only Internet Explorer installed on your computer. If it detects previously installed Netscape browser, it will install automatically and can only be accessed from the Netscape browser. A future release of SmartDownload will support Internet Explorer. SmartDownload
Netzip Demon Netzip Download Demon is for anyone who downloads anything from the Internet! It is a powerful download tool built with one goal in mind: to save you time and aggravation as it speeds you through your downloads... The Netzip Download Demon gives you Pause, Resume, and Reconnect for your downloads. If you download from the web, this essential tool will make your life easier! This one works with all browsers!!!! Download The NetZip Demon
KillAd What is KillAd?
As you may have noticed, many Internet sites love to open additional browser windows (so called "popups") with advertising contents. KillAd assists you to close all undesirable popups automatically. Being a phairly sophisticated software phull oph pheatures, it is highly customizable, small in size, undemanding to system resources, fast, and reliable.
The program is freeware. After loading the best program for popups, do a right click with your mouse on the icon in your sys tray to learn more.
KillAd Down The Best KillAd
WinZip 7.0 WinZip brings the convenience of Windows to the use of Zip files and other archive and compression formats. The WinZip Wizard: this optional feature uses the standard and familiar "wizard" interface to simplify the process of unzipping and installing software distributed in Zip files. The WinZip Wizard is not targeted at experienced users, but is ideal for the rapidly growing number of PC users getting started with Zip files. When these users gain confidence or want to use more advanced zipping features, the full WinZip Classic interface is just a click away.  Interface to Internet Browser Support Add-on: The freely downloadable Internet Browser Support Add-on lets you download and open Zip files from the Internet with one click via Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. WinZipDownload WinZip
ICQ ICQ is a user-friendly Internet tool that informs you who's on-line at any time and enables you to contact them at will. No longer will you search in vain for friends or associates on the Net. ICQ does the searching for you, alerting you in real time when they log on. The need to conduct a directory search each time you want to communicate with a specific person is eliminated. Download ICQ
AIM Instant messages are an online conversation between two or more people who have AOL Instant Messenger or America Online software. Instant messages are private and free. It's a whole new way of communicating that's fast, See when your friends are online Exchange instant messages with them, Participate in group chat rooms, Trade files such as pictures, invitations or documents, Find new friends, Get customized news and stock quotes, Search the Web. And you don't have to have AOL to talk to others that are on AOL. AOL Instant Messenger
Download AIM
VPlaces Chat Software Create your online identity. Chat using an avatar. View the Web and chat at the same time Organize Web tours! Guide chatters to your favorite sites! Chat with celebrities! Download VP
NetMeeting 3 If your computer is equipped with a sound card, speakers, and a microphone, you can talk via the Web to family and colleagues worldwide using Microsoft NetMeeting® conferencing software. Add a Windows-compatible video capture card and/or camera, and you'll be able to see them, too. With NetMeeting, you also can exchange pictures and draw diagrams on an electronic whiteboard, communicate with text-based Chat, transfer files, and share applications. Download NetMeeting
Media Player 6.4 Microsoft Windows™ Media Player version 6.4 allows you to see and hear live and recorded broadcasts—such as concerts and breaking news—over the Web. And streaming technology allows you to see and hear the information as it arrives instead of having to wait for the entire file to download. Download  Media Player
Shockwave 7.0.3 & Flash 4 Players Shockwave Player is the Web standard for entertaining, engaging, rich media playback. It lets you view interactive Web content like games, business presentations, entertainment, and advertisements from your Web browser. You've probably seen Shockwave Player in action on top business and entertainment sites like,,, Palm Computing, and thousands of other Web sites.
Experience the future of Web design today with Flash Player, the Web standard for vector graphics and animation. View the best designed Web sites containing Flash-based cartoons, interactive interfaces, and information graphics from many leading-edge companies, such as Comedy Central and Sony.
Excite Assistant Listen to Internet radio stations with RealAudio's G2™ streaming media. Email Notification! Receive alerts and summaries for your new mail messages. News & Stock Info!
Personalized news, photos, and stock performance straight to your desktop.And More! Excite Assistant also brings Search, Sports Scores, Weather, TV Listings, Horoscopes, and more. One of the best we have seen!!!
Excite Assistant
RealPlayer 7 Basic RealPlayer, codeveloped by RealNetworks and Macromedia, is a client that allows you to listen to RealAudio clips, watch RealVideo clips, and view RealFlash animations live and on demand in real time. Like Windows Media, they start playing right away rather than making you wait until the entire file downloads. Brilliant video with picture controls. Superb audio with graphic EQ.Over 150 live radio stations built-in. RealPlayer 7 Basic
RealJukebox Basic RealJukebox Basic lets you play all MP3s and other digital music. You can also record CDs at near CD-quality (up to 96 kbps).. RealJukebox  Basic
QuickTime 4 QuickTime®, from Apple Computer, Inc., is one technology that makes it possible for World Wide Web sites to feature audio and video clips. It allows site builders to author digital audio and video files for their site, and it allows users to get the intended multimedia experience. With QuickTime 4, the future is now. In addition to the traditional controls you’d expect to find on a television—like volume controls, pause and play buttons—the QuickTime Player gives you enhanced controls for online movie playback (let’s face it, you know video streaming has arrived as a mainstream technology when it comes with Fast Forward and Fast Rewind). QuickTime 4
Crescendo Version 5.0 with MP3 support True MIDI streaming plays music within seconds. Copyright, song name, author, text, lyrics, and track names are displayed in a convenient new Song Information dialog box. For the first time, you’ll see important information from the artist, maybe even some secret stuff. Increased efficiency and stability in the latest browsers including Netscape, Internet Explorer, and AOL. Version 5 beta plays MP3 audio and supports Crescendo SongSafe™ music protection. Crescendo
latest version 7.0a
Microsoft DirectX provides a finely tuned set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that provide you with the resources you need to design high-performance, real-time applications. Microsoft developed DirectX so that the performance of applications running in the Microsoft Windows operating system can exceed the performance of applications running in the MS-DOS operating system or on game consoles. DirectX 7.0
Acrobat Reader version 4.05 Acrobat Reader is software that lets you view and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files. With Acrobat Reader, you also can fill in and submit PDF forms online, as well as download encrypted content from the Web and unlock it with Web Buy. This Adobe technology is a fully integrated component of Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader (version 4.05, English only). Acrobat Reader
  For a large variety of programs check out the UnderGround Warez under APPZ. It's a Real Warez site with no pop up or bullshit. Best of the Best of a Real Warez. UnderGround Warez



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