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I got this from a friend and I thought it was appropriate to share with all of you!!

Standards We Set

Is it fair to ask of others, something we might not choose to do?
How about measuring others because their clothes are not so new?
We sometimes tend to criticize another persons scruples or belief
What gives us the right to think you are above and they beneath
Opinions and feelings are something each person calls their own
It is only human nature to be different, after all who wants a clone?
Of course there are extremes to everything we know
If you do not wish to follow, then itís your choice not to go
Each person chooses moral standards based on how they feel
After all what I may term a rip-off, you might think is a deal
Everyone knows that many old standards have been revised
Look at how you live today, you might be quite surprised
We now have much more equality, and freedom than before
Of course we still believe we should have even more
Our rights are what some died for so others here may live
Since to err is human, we should all learn to forgive
Never cast aspersions because someone walks to a strange beat
Remember like you, others have walked down a very different street
Accept that there are differences in how we think and feel
Make this simple pact today, and use a special seal
Allow others to be different and give a little room
Some must clean their act up, you need not be the broom

By Robert Beau

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