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The Unknown About Furbies(tm)

If furby moves quickly, it will go WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Put furby in front of a blinking light and it'll start groaning.

Reset furby 4 times and it'll learn English faster. If you have three, take one, put it upside down and shake it and the others will cry.

If you dip your furby from side to side, it'll hiccup. If you do it again, you'll have to wait till it stops whatever it's doing/saying.

Use Duracell bateries. Lasts longer and has more quality.

"Easter Eggs" are meant to surprise us all as we play with our furby.

If your furby is bad, punish him by holding him upside down. Then shake him/her.

To make furby burp 8 times, feed him three times in a row and then pet him three times in a row.

To let furby know that you like what it's done, pet him 2 times and he'll repeat more often.

If you cover Furby's eyes 3 times in a row, it will play a game you never thought Furby could play! OR says something you never thought it could say


Furby's Furbish World