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Steve’s Great, Great, Great, Great, GreatGrandfather was John Cooke (born in London, England, about 1752, died in Logan County, Virginia, 1832), when a boy of fourteen to sixteen years, with a considerable number of other children, accepted an invitation to enjoy a day of festivity on board a ship anchored in the Thames River, near London. Part of the entertainment was to be a trip down the river to Liverpool and return late that afternoon. Among these young people, who ranged in age from 20 to 16 years, was Nellie Goodal/Pemberton, who lived in Scotland but was then visiting in London. This fatal day was the 4th Sunday in May, 1766 or 67. The pleasures of the day were enjoyed by all until the time came to return home. Instead of sailing back up the river, the ship continued out to sea on to Virginia. None of the children ever returned home. Many died on the long hard voyage and were buried at sea. Those who survived were sold as indentured servants to planters, who by a not-so-strange coincidence, met the ship prepared to pay for their passage. Both John and Nellie were bought by the same planter. John completed his term, then worked a while longer to complete Nell's term. Then they were married and went "on their own" to settle in the Shenandoah Valley, date unknown. They had four sons and a daughter. The daughter married before the family took possession of the father's bounty land in 1799 and went south with her husband, she was never heard from again. Her name and that of her husband are not remembered.

Charles Fergerson Cook (b 1848 - d 1935) was his Great Great Grandfather, he married Lucinda O’Neal on Huff Creek in 1867. They settled on Huff Creek at Cyclone near the Post Office. Charles lived to be 87 years of age. He and Lucinda had issue of eight children one of which was Charles W. Cook, Steve’s Grand father. Charles W. Cook (b d) married Brooke Toler (b d ) married ________, lived at Cooks Addition to Amherstdale, they had ____ children, on of which was Steve’s Father, Charles Proctor Cook, (b 1919 - d 1998). Charles Proctor Cook married Juanita Welch, in 194__, they have three children, Charles P. Cook Jr., James Stephen Cook (Steve) and Paula Ann Cook.

Bus and Safronia Brooke Toler Cook

Charles Proctor Cook, Man High School, 1940.

Proc and Jaunita Welch Cook Spring 1943

Charles Proctor Cook, 1948, washing car at Cook's Additon to Amherstdale,WV. Proc married Jaunita June Welch (daughter of Walter and Kizzy Welch of Riley WV)and they had two son's Charles Proctor Cook Jr. and James Stephen Cook and one daughter Paula Ann Cook.

This is Steve and his mom Juanita taken Spring of 1947. Steve was born May 19, 1946 so he would be one year old in this picture

Steve with his Granny Cook, mother, and brother Charles at Brushy across Kelly Mountain, in about 1951.

Steve with his sister Paula, mother Jaunita, brother Charles, taken August 10, 1996 at Welch Family Reunion in Beckley.

Charles P. Cook, Jr. and Ashley Brooke Cook 1998.

Paula Cook Haselden and daughter Jessica Ann, October 14, 1987

Jessica at her 14th Birthday Party with friends in Beckley,WV May 16, 1999.

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