Man High School Class Photos

I have only a few names for this class picture and hope you can help me name more of them

Top Row: T.R. Williams (teacher) Dorothy Williams, Manson Smith,___, Bob Accord, Rachel Clay, Ira Marcum, Helen Watts, Edwin Lyon, Virginia Lambert, Donna Jean Brown
2nd Row:Violet Merritt, Bill Whitman, Jeannene Nicely, Billy Paul Bailey, Mavis Lusk, Edward Grigg, Dorothy Keplar, Bernard Cook.
3rd Row:Fred Peterson, Laura Lauderback, Russell Fleming, Virginia (Tootsie) Hall, Tommy Harris, Maxine Redmond, John Hill, Ardith Blankenship
4th Row:____, Bill Clemens, Jewell Deer, Willis Perry, Holleen White, Neil Robinson, Anna Lou Dalton, Jack Sammons, Madeline Robinson, Tommy Merrit, Margaret Jane Cook
5th Row: Bill Altizer, Marie Dickison, Bob Hill, Dorothy Goodman, Bill Stafford, Clarice Scarberry, Mike Dyurisics, Joan Belcher, Mike Deflumeri, Garnett Gallihue, John Lyons
6th Row:Edna Lou Malloy, Blanche Cyfers, Mary Donnelly,Virginia Gullihue, Ella Mae Vance, Mary Lou Pettigrew,Fay Brumfield, Betty Doss.
This picture was donated by Cousin Billy Paul Vanover, and names by Wayne Oney and Gerald Robison
Stephen & Jane Bucy Cook