Man High School 1930's through 1957
Now Man Junior High School


All of us remember the exciting days and nights at the MHS Football Field. Watching our brothers and friends play football, marching in the band and cheering on the Team! These three pictures were contributed by Larry Reeves

Fav pasttime at Man Junior High sitting on the wall - Eight and Ninth Graders Teddy Vernatter, Rich, Larry Reeves, Ronnie Bailey and Donald Adkins

A breezy May morning in 1960. We had already been to Annie's Place to reserve our booth, put in our lunch order and buy one of her World Famous Donuts - made fresh every morning - Martha Milton, Doris Ann Mitchell, Mary Stapelton, Frances_, Nancy Scalf

Mr. Tom Orr, Principal of Man Junior High School 1958

Jimmy Jack Miller, standing in front of MJH - The Center is in the background 1958

Homecoming 1962 Halftime - Head Majorette Gloria Copley, Vicki Somers, Pat Cook, Marsha Lawrence, Sharon Moore, Deloris Fergerson and Janice Brown

Winners of the 1963 Logan County Majorette Festival - from top left: Vicki Somers, Deloris Fergerson, Jane Bucy, Sharon Moore, Doris Mitchell, Patty Cook, Head majorette,Katheryn Cook, Linda Thomas, Diane Bailey, Christine Walker, Janice Brown.

1961 Lorado Grads - John Booth, Jimmy Matney and Roy Hurst.

Great pictures taken by John Booth - May, 1957

Wilmont Sewell, Nealing, Rebecca Brown

Linda Marshall, Lewis ?& Linda Marshall, Carol Tony graduate. Mrs. Means Music class.

Man Hi Band was invited to attend the WV State Fair in Greenbrier County, in 1962 - we stayed at a boy scout camp outside of town and slept in bunks - Doris Mitchell, Karen Dean and Jane Bucy - Yes we slept in those Hard Bush Curlers!!

1962 Band Festival Huntington, WV - Gilbert Brewer, Jerry Brown, Hobie Napier, Janie Bucy and Mrs. Coyer (W.T.'s Mom).

Look who got locked up in "jail" Camden Park Spring of '62 Band Festival - Patty Cook, Janice Brown and Deloris Fergerson

How many of you were born here? Logan General Hospital, Logan,WV

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