The Chappell and Vanover Page

The page is for my Mother, Edith Chappell Bucy, and her family. I will continue to add photo's and info and hope others in the family will contribute any pictures and info that they have.

As listed in “The Vanover Family” book by Gregory Lynn Vanover, of Pound Virginia, the earliest proven ancestor of the Vanover Family is Cornelys van hovgem (as he signed his name). Cornelys and his wife Maria Winterslick, and at least three children migrated to New York in 1684. It is believed that he migrated from the province of Zeeland, in the Netherlands to Flatbush, Kings County, New York. The family moved to New Jersey and several generations lived in that area. Our Great Great Great Grandparents are Cornelius Vanover , born 1797 in South Carolina and Sarah (Hill) Vanover, born 1797 in North Carolina. Cornelius was a farmer, herb doctor and operated a grist mill in North Carolina and moved to Russell (now Dickenson) County Virginia in about 1845 and lived near the mouth of Georges Fork Creek of Pound River. He died March 12, 1870 in Virginia. Sarah (Hill) Vanover’s farther was William Hill who is listed in the 1820 Census for Ashe County, North Carolina. She died December 12, 1888 in Virginia. Cornelius and Sarah had eleven children one of whom was Wesley Vanover our Great, Great Grandfather.

This is my Great, Great Grandparents Wesley and Martha (Fleming) Vanover.

Wesley Y. Vanover and Martha (Fleming) Vanover (daughter of John Jackson and Mary (Mullins) Fleming) were married on July 29, 1860 in Wise County Virginia. Wesley was born in June of 1837 and Martha was born November 1842, he was 23 years old and she was 18. Wesley was born in Ashe County, North Carolina and died in 1922 in Dickenson County, Virginia. Martha was born in Dickenson County, Virginia and was living there at the time of her death in 1925. Wesley and Martha had nine children, one of whom is my Great Grandfather William Lloyd Vanover.

This is my Great Grandparents William and Inetta (Aldrige) Vanover.

William Lloyd Vanover and Vanetta (Aldridge) Vanover (daughter of John M and Polly Aldridge) were married on December 1, 1881, in Dickenson County, Virginia. William was born September of 1863 in Wise County, Virginia and Vanetta was born in June of 1862 in Virginia. William was 18 years old and Vanetta was 19 when they married. They spent their married life in Virginia and Lincoln County, West Virginia and had thirteen children, one of whom is my Grandmother Sarah Magletine Vanover Chappell. William died on December 20, 1935

My Grand Parents

This is my Grandparents John and Sarah Vanover Chappell.

Sarah Magletine Vanover Chappell and John Wade Chappell (son of George Washington and Florence (Wyatt) Chappell) were married December 23, 1908 in Whitman, Logan County, West Virginia. Sarah was born October 19, 1884, in Dickenson County, Virginia and John was born October 14, 1883 in Martinsville, Henry County, Virginia. Sarah was 24 years old and John was 25 when they married. Sarah and John lived at Whitman, West Virginia, John died there on May 30th, 1946 and Sarah died there on November 21, 1976. John and Sarah had nine children, one of whom is my Mother Edith Charlotte Chappell Bucy.

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