Cook's Addition a suburb of Amherstdale, WV

Amherstdale in located on Buffalo Creek in Logan County West Virginia, Steve grew up in Cooks Addition which was named after his Grandfather Charles W. Cook, who was known as "Bus Cook". His Grandfather was a Justice of the Peace for Logan County.

This is a birdseye view of Amherstdale in about 1949

Amherstdale Store and Post Office

Imes Birthday Party

Birthday party for Ruth Ann Imes, taken 1955 those in attendance:Front Row:Mike Linville, Bobby Lineville, Ruth Imes, Judy Vance, Debbie Frazier, Debbie Barker, Donna Trent, Linda Wendell, Jerry Reeves. Middle Row: Harriet Walls, Peggy Sparks, Judy Toblin, Frank Imes, Barbara Imes, Back Row: anna Drehel, Emil Tomblin, Joyce Phillips, Wanda Sparks, Stephen Cook, Anna Poe, Janice Vance, Linda Poe and Sissy Sparks

John F. Kennedy campaigning for President of the United States. He is giving a speech for a crowd in front of the Amherst Coal Company Store. In the very front right by the car is David Bassham, Solman, Terry Fekete and Dickie Curry, students at Ahmerstdale Grade School.
John F. Kennedy signing autographs for Marie White, Anne Laws and Madaline Clay while they are working at Amherst Coal Company Grill in 1960

Alice Vanoy and Annie Law relaxing at Rily Camp.

1951 Wesley House Kindergarten at Amherstdale, WV I hope we can name everyone in the pictures

Stephen Cook - back center. Buzzy Vance, white tshirt and John (Popcicle)Gibson front right.

Second girl from left Betty Koustunis and next is Rosemary Standifur.

Stephen Cook, plaid long sleeve shirt left side, David Coke Standifur, Rosemary Standifur. On right side same row Becky Brewster and Betty Koustunis. Manuel "Eukey" Fekete in second row right of boy with bow tie

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