Memoirs of Jamaican Chess.

Part Three : FM Warren Elliott



Warren Elliott


Status in Jamaican Chess : Outside of Shane, the top player.

Astrological Sign : Leo

Strengths: Inspired, optimistic, brilliant, competitive, open-minded,

               confident, dynamic,  aggressive.


Weaknesses: Insecure about rating in the world of chess, fretful when facing unfamiliar positions,strives to hard to please the crowd and needs attention badly.

 Elliott's Endgame and realisation technique are not sufficiently tested in Jamaica.

 Elliott's Opening reportoire is not relevant to Jamaica. Nobody is 2700 FIDE in Jamaica.

  How does he win: Elliott plays the opening fast and always looks as if he knows everything.

  Svidler does it too!!

   He also does not blunder very much but he punishes opening inaccuracies


    He also plays thematically against most openings so he knows the right squares.


How to beat him:

  By going in to sub variations of main lines which are rarely played but have no obvious and glaring defect.

 Avoid his sometimes one dimensional play.

  Play out your moves confidently and use blunder check before each move.

  Warren is not accustomed to drawn out struggles.

   Hide your preparation for months then unleash a novelty found on a Ukrainian or Bulgarian site!!

    Do hard chess combinations everyday!!

    His prospects: With his enthusiasm and love for chess he will go far but he must stop thinking that beating Juniors improves his chess. After all doesn't Magnus Carlson only play grown men now?



Written and copyrighted 2005

by John Tobisch.


For more info on FM Elliott's chess career also

 have a look at this profile written  by NM Mark Holness.

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