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Suggested Reading for Chess Mastery

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Re-Assess your Chess by Jeremy Silman
My System by Aron Nimzovich
Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy by John Watson
Improve Your Chess Now by Jonathan Tisdall
Chess Fundamentals by J. R. Capablanca
Lasker's Manual of Chess by Emanuel Lasker
The Road to Chess Improvement by Alex Yermolinsky
Secrets of Practical Chess by John Nunn.

One Thousand and One Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations by Fred Reinfeld

Annotated Games
The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played, by Irving Chernev
The Zurich Tournament 1953, by David Bronstein
The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal by Tal.
The Art of Chess Analysis by Jan Timman
Fire on the Board by Shirov.
Vishy Anand: My Best Games of Chess by Anand & Nunn
One Hundred Selected Games by Mikhail M. Botvinnik.

Modern Chess Openings edited by Nick DeFirmian
Winning Chess Openings by Yasser Seirawan
The Ideas Behind the Chess Openings by Ruben Fine.

Middle Game
Pawn Power by Hans Kmoch
Pawn Structure Chess by Andrew Soltis
New Ideas in Chess by Larry Evans
The Middle Game in Chess by E. Znosko-Borovsky, J. Du Mont
Modern Chess Strategy by Lud-Ek Pachman, et al
Chess Middlegames: Essential Knowledge by Yuri Averbakh
The Middlegame - Book I by Euwe and Kramer

Secrets of Rook Endings by John Nunn
Capablanca's Best Endings by Irving Chernev

Martial Arts / Eastern Philosophy
Art of War by Sun Tzu, Thomas Cleary.
The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi, Thomas Cleary.
Living the Martial Way by ( USAF Major ) Forrest E. Morgan

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