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Page News!

I've started working on the new RPG! Yay!

I've gotten lots of support thanks to my fellow mooies. I'm starting to update the page more frequently and add new features.Directories for SailorMoon and other anime chat rooms will be coming soon,along with a multimedia section.More midis from SailorMoon and other Anime is coming,along with the actual featured monthly Anime and Manga section to keep you updated on what's going one in the market.

BunnyMoon's angels is being brought back thanks to the Gateway and help of my two good friends, Sail0rV and SaylarV.

A new form for the club and mailing list will be up,and a members login page is soon to come.

Gomen Nasai to anyone who tried to e-mail me at my old address.My Webtv wasn't very good with mail,and now I have my computer set up and I'm doing work on it.

My person e-mail address is If you need to contact me about the page,My aol account is BunnyMoon4 Please IM or e-mail me if you have any questions or suggestions.

If you have a webpage and would like me to link it,just send it to me! I won't bite,promise! I'd be happy to but your banners a buttons up on my the way,please don't let the cute little link buttons scare you! They seem to...EVERYWHERE!

New Anime!

Darkside Blues
In the future,the Persona Century Corporation rules 99% of the world. They thought they wielded absolute power. They were wrong. Can one mystic and a small band of freedom fighters stand against a tyrannical, global dictatorship?

From the creator of Vampire Hunter D and Deamon City Shinjuku...Darkside Blues, Dubbed: $24.99 Subbed: $29.95 Available at Suncoast and other such stores

New Manga:

Sailor Moon Super S
This new pocket manga from Mixx Entertainment follows Bunny, Darien, Rini, and the other scouts as they face off against the menace of the Dead Moon Circus and the Amazon Quartlet.

From Naoko Takehashi, Sailor Moon Super S Graphic novel from Mixx Entertainment $9.95

Also from the folks at mixx...

Magic Knight Reyearth Volume 2 and Parasyte Volume 2 pocket manga, each for $11.95

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Book 4
This segment of the story finally introduces the redheaded Asuka Langely, the next "Child" able to pilot the EVA units. As with the previous three parts, Book 4 is being offered in both a regular "flopped" edition and a Special Collector's Edition, which presents the manga in its original Japanese orientation complete with Japanese sound effects.

Neon Genesis Evangelion from Viz Comics $2.95

Naoko Takuchi appaered at the ComicCon convention in CA last August.For more information about her appearance click here!