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Season3:SailorMoon R continues

The second part of the season has to do with the "sisters" of the dark moon. To make a really long story short, Sailor Moon and the scouts are able to convert these seemingly evil pawns of the Dark Moon into really honest and loving sisters. And it is when finally all of the sisters are converted into good that the series is cut.

And why are these sisters of the Dark Moon here anyways? Well, they are here from the future to try to capture to crystal points of future Tokyo, where Sailor Moon and Prince Darian rule in the future. If these sisters are sucessful in controlling Tokyo in the present, the future Tokyo will never exist, and the evil Negaverse will control the world and the universe in the future. I think the name of the future town is called Neo-Tokyo.

A twist into the story also comes when a little girl fashioned in the same way as Serena falls out of the sky and interupts Serena and Darian's kiss. This little girl is named "Reeny" and later you will learn that she was sent by Sailor Moon of the future to try to find the Sailor Moon of the present and stop the Dark Moon from succeeding. What a plot, eh???

Get excited folks: The new episodes are ready and already showing in Canada. But not in the United States. Please write to your local tv station or to USA Network to have it shown. If you want to spoil the story for yourself, you can read the outcome of the Sailor Moon R season at: Sailor Moon Universe