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SailorMoon-dubbed name:Serena japanese name:Tsukino Usagi means:Moon Rabbit Born:June 30 sign:Cancer Blood type: O Fav. Color:Pink
SailorVenus-dubbed name:Mina japanese name:Aino Minako Means:Beautiful Love child Born:Oct. 22 sign:Libra Blood type:B Fav. color:orange
SailorMercury-dubbed name:Amy Anderson japanese name:Mizuno Ami means:Friend of water Born:Sept. 10 sign:Virgo Blood type:A Fav. color:Aquamarine
SailorMars-dubbed name:Raye japanese name:Hino Rei means:Spirit Of Fire Born:April 17 sign:Aries Blood type:AB Fav. color:Red
SailorJupiter-dubbed name:Lita japanese name:Kino Makoto means:tree of faithfullness Born:Dec. 5 sign:Sagittarius Blood type:O Fav. Color:green
SailorNeptune-dubbed name:Nerissa japanese name:Kaiou Michiru means:Beautiful Ocean Ruler Born:March 6 sign:Pisces Blood type:O Fav Color:Marine Blue
SailorUranus-dubbed name:Corrine japanese name:Ten'ou Haruka means:Distant Sky Ruler Born:January27 sign:Aquarius Blood type:unknown Fav. Color:gold
Saturn(not yet a sailor)-dubbed name-none yet japanese name-Tomoe Hotarumeans:Firefly of withering earth Born:January 6 sign:Capricorn Blood type:AB Fav. Color:purple
SailorPluto-dubbed name:Celia japanese name:Meioh Setsuna means:unknown Born:Oct. 29 sign:Scorpio Blood type:A Fav. Color:Red
SailorChibiMoon-dubbed name:Reeny japanese name:Tsukino Usagi means:moon rabbit Born:June 30 sign:Cancer Blood type:O Fav. Color:Pink