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Second Season:SailorMoon R

The second season of Sailor Moon is called "Sailor Moon R". The "R" means Romance. The first season of Sailor Moon is just "Sailor Moon". Sailor Moon R consists of two stories that do not relate to each other. You can say that the second season is really two stories in one season. Although, they are are different, the anime still follows the scouts in terms of their growth in power as Sailor Scouts and in maturity (or lack of) as teenagers. The first part of the story is about two aliens that arrive on earth with an evil tree to steal all the Earth's energy and the Scouts, of course, confront them...
The Plot Begins with two aliens...

Sailor Moon R begins with the Sailor Scouts as strangers. None of the Scouts know each other. Lita, still is the misunderstood girl that always gets into fights; Amy is still the lonely brain of the class, Mars is just as hardworking and stubborn as before. Serena is late to school...AGAIN. Only Luna and Artemis, the Scouts' guardian cats, have their memory and they had planned on allowing the Scouts to be normal girls and to focus on their high school entrance exams. To Luna and Artemis, it is as though everything will be peaceful. And of course, Serena and back to her clumsy and lazy ways.... hardly like the girl who defeated Queen Beryl. Darian is still calling Serena "Meatball Head" and making fun of how she likes to pig out and that she may soon be called a "Meatball body" as well. As far as Luna and Artemis is concerned, they would rather not have to organize the Scouts ever again. But if danger presents itself, they may have no choice...

One day, a strange meteor-like object entered the Earth's Atmosphere and two alien-like beings came out from the crater. These two beings, later known as Anne and Alan, search for helpless planets as a source of energy for the Doom Tree, a host being that supply them with energy and also in turn depends on them to provide it with it's special energy. These two alien-like being plan to disguise and enroll themselves as human brother-sister in the local high school to try to fit in and learn more about humans. During the first day of school, Anne and Alan have already gathered up a following of admirers, especially Alan. Alan finds Serena very attractive. He says to himself, "I have never seen anything [Serena] so lovely in my life". Anne gets angry and jealous of Alan and accuses him of flirting with humans (a sickening thought!). Alan maintains that Anne is the only "girl" for him and that Anne should learn how to control her jealousy. He maintains that he's trying to fit in. As Darian passes by the two, Anne falls heads over heels for Darian and thinks that Darian is the most perfect thing she's ever seen. And during the entire time, Serena and Darian have no recollection of the past and their future together. The Doom Tree that was mentioned before resides in space and is the host which Anne and Alan live off. The Doom Tree is often in need of energy to support itself and the needs of Anne and Alan. To find more energy for the Doom Tree and consequently for themselves, Anne and Alan have a collection of "cards", each containing a monster that lie dormant until Alan wakes them up with his flute, and gives them instructions. Anne chooses a Cardian monster from the card collection to go to the Earth and sap the energy of the people on Earth. Alan sends a Cardian monster (a plant-like Vampire called "Vampile") to Earth and this Cardian monster chooses all the girls that it sees and saps their energy. Luna and Artemis observes all this and tries to fend off the Cardian monster as best they could. (They think it may be the Negaverse stirring up again despite Queen Beryl's death in the first season) Actually, it was Queen Beryl that recommended the Earth to Anne and Alan as a good source of energy for the Doom Tree. Anyway when Luna and Artemis realized that this monster is too tough to defeat, they are forced to restore Serena's memory to fight this monster. Luna uses her "Luna Mind Melt" on Serena to restore Serena's memory of the past, and suddenly a rush of memories of the Scouts, of her role as the Moon Princess, of Darian, of her fight with Queen Beryl come to her. Sailor Moon defeats the the Cardian monster with her Moon Tiara and that ends the first episode of Sailor Moon R

Luna and Artemis are still uncertain what this new evil force is and what their plans are, but with the return of Sailor Moon, they'll feel a little bit easier. In any case, Welcome back Sailor Moon! The first part of Sailor Moon R features the battle between Sailor Moon with the Scouts against Anne and Alan's attempts to satisfy the Doom Tree's need for energy. Quick, we need the scouts back!! Alan begins to notice obvious withering of the Doom Tree and sees the need to find new human energy for the Doom try to feed on. So Anne and Alan sets a plan to lure young girls by staging a fake movie audition for some of the girls from the local high school which coincidentally include mostly Sailor Scouts (still without their memory). Once the girls arrive at the set, Anne and Alan sets loose a minotaur Cardian monster to drain the girls' energy. Sailor Moon arrives just in time to take out the minotaur. However, Sailor Moon forgets that she doesn't have her Moon Healing wand with her and can not fight the monsters and instead dodges it's attacks. Suprisingly, Lita and Raye, fight the Minotaur despite not being transformed into a Sailor Scout. The former scouts all get a sensation that they should fight, and they feel helpless not being able to do something. So Luna, with no other choice than to restore the Scout's memory, uses her "Luna Mind Melt" and Scouts return to their old self (or new self, in this instance). With the scout's combined efforts, they easily take care of the minotaur monster. They'll happy to be back as Sailor Scouts despite not being able to experience the life of a normal teenager. Serena is especially happy that the scouts are back (that is until Raye and Serena gets into a fight). And so the plot continues with these important


A Knight to Remember
This episode begins when another Cardian Monster, this time in the form of a lion, is sent down to Earth to steal more human energy to feed the Doom Tree. Lita, Serena and Amy all rush to investigate. Once they arrive, they discover Lita's friend, Ken, in danger from the Cardian Lion monster. The Lion monster notices Lita and springs at her. But Ken, sacraficing his own safety, jumps at Lita and pushes her away from the Lion Monster. The Lion monster disappears strangely. Lita is fine, but Ken is badly hurt and is sent to the hospital right away. At the hospital, Serena and Amy learn that Ken is Lita's best friend! Lita retells the story of how Ken is always there for her ever since they were a child. This is also the point when the very good song "Rainy Day Man" begins to play. (The song is on the North American CD soundtrack, it's good!) Ken was more concerned for Lita's safety and risked his own life to save Lita. And according to Lita, she feels the same way about Ken yet they are only friends. :P The next day, the Cardian monster shows up again and this time a couple falls victim. The scouts catches up to it and tries to fight it but the Cardian Lion was too strong and quickly knocks out all the scouts except for Sailor Moon. Suddenly, a white rose appears from nowhere as the Cardian Lion was about to attack Sailor Moon. When Sailor Moon looks up, she sees a man dressed in white robe and turban. He calls himself the Moon Light Knight. He assures Sailor Moon that he is on her side and is there to fight with her against any evil threat. To the audience, the Moon Light Knight bears a remarkable resemblance to Darian/Tuxedo Mask but anyway, Sailor Moon doesn't make such conclusions. The Moon Light Knight carries with him a dagger and knocks out the Cardian lion for a while. The Moon Light Knight then disappears to leave Serena wondering about who he is. Serena, still dreamed eyed about the Moon Light Knight, doesn't notice that the Cardian monster has recovered and springs at her again. From the anger she feels for the Cardian monster for hurting her best friend, Ken, Lita summons her powers and finds strength in a new attack! Ken is doing much better the next day and leaves the hospital with his mother. Lita resolves to look after Ken as Ken has looked after her almost all her life. Some questions that are left for the Sailor Scouts at this point is, "Who is the Moon Light Knight?" and "Where did he come from". It couldn't be Tuxedo Mask because Tuxedo Mask is Darian and Darian has not regained his memory of the past and Tuxedo Mask is always dressed a black suit and throws red roses. The Moon Light Knight is dressed very differently and throws white roses. Well, I guess we'll have to wait to see who the Moon Light Knight really is!

VR Madness
Anne and Alan come up with new ways to steal human energy. They discover that the only kinds of energy that the Doom Tree will take is human energy. They discover that a new virtual reality game has opened in the city which will attract a lot of attention and provide a endless stream of human energy for them to steal. In the meantime, Serena is still trying to find a way to restore Darian's memory. But while she is thinking of some ways, Luna suggests that she go to the new virtual reality center to brush up on her fighting skills. When she arrives there, she sees Darian. But does does Anne who clasps on to Darian as well. Alan is there as well and they decide that all four of them go in together. It is obvious that Anne is completely crazy about Darian and Alan is very interested in Serena even though Anne and Alan are aliens; and Serena and Darian are humans. Once they get into the VR game, Darian decides that he doesn't like pushy girls like Anne and go off with Serena, "Meatball head" to play. At this point, Anne and Alan finally get down to their business of stealing human energy. They call upon another Cardian monster who begins to seek energy from unsuspecting victims. The victims cause quite an alarm as the victims (Serena's father among one of them) whose energy is being drained makes a lot of noise. Serena and Darian rushes to help Serena's father. Darian tries to throw his backpack at the Cardian monster but it does not help. Serena shows up behind Darian is able to transform into Sailor Moon secretly. Sailor Moon tries to throw her Moon Tiara at the monster and it fails on her!! She doesn't know what to do when monster begins to attack her. Then suddenly, the Moon Light Knight shows up to fight the Cardian!! But wait... Serena is concluding that Darian can not be the Moon Light Knight because he's right there as himself. So who is the Moon Light Knight??? Weird... stay tuned, folks! The rest of the scouts rush in and finishes off the monster easily. Afterwards, Darian is completely confused and wonders who are these girls?? And who was that strange guy in the white outfit. Well, that leaves more question left to be answered later...

Cherry Blossom Time
It is the time of the year that the Cherry Blossoms begin to bloom. During this time, the humans on Earth gather together to celebrate this time. Anne and Alan plan to use this occasion where people get together in one place as an opportunity to drain the humans' energy. Miss Haruna and her class took the day off to have a picnic to celebrate the Cherry Blossoms. But unsuspectingly, they do not suspect what Anne and Alan are planning. A Cardian monster named "Racey" has been sent again to drain the energy away from the people at the Cherry Blossom festival. The scouts return to the place where the the victims were attacked. Raye feels a strange energy, and it turns out to be the Cardian monster (which looks like a white-faced japanese opera singer). Yhe scouts are caught my the cardian monster and their energy is being taken away; only Sailor Moon is left to fight the Cardian Monster. She tries to use her Tiara again, but it fails!! The scouts try to warn Sailor Moon not to look into the Racey's eyes. But it's too late and Sailor Moon is caught my the monster which then proceeds to drain her energy as well. So powerful is this Cardian monster that it drains all of Sailor Moon's energy and in the process breaks Sailor Moon's locket. When the locket breaks, Sailor Moon is transformed back to Serena!! Serena then falls into a light portal that is created by Racey and disappears! Luna runs after Sailor Moon in an attempt to pull Serena from the portal, but she is dragged in as well! Inside the portal, Serena and Luna begin to talk. Serena tells Luna that all she ever wanted to want to enjoy a nice picnic with her friends and that she doesn't feel like being Sailor Moon. And in turn, Luna tells Serena that as long as she feels that way, she can't be Sailor Moon. Serena want to help, but how? Her locket has broke and she is unable to be Sailor Moon anymore... Suddenly, Queen Serenity appears in Serena's mind. She tells Serena that she is always in Serena's mind and will always be there when she needs help. Serena tells Queen Serenity that she wants to save her friends but she doesn't knwo how. Queen Serenity tells Serena that the power is in the locket. The Imperium Crystal is reborn again. The desire to save the Scouts make the Cystal grow bright and strong again. With the power in the crystal, Serena can save her friends and as long as she has desire to save her friends grow, so will the crystal's power. Now, Queen Serenity tells Serena to say, "Moon Crystal Power!" and Serena then turns back into Sailor Moon and she is stronger than before!! Meanwhile, the scouts' power is still being drained and the Doom Tree feeds off it. But Sailor Moon makes her appearance again. And this time she is back better than ever! Racey makes another attempt to finish off Sailor Moon, but the Moon Light Knight makes another one of his timely visits, and grabs Racey's attention. Moon Light Knight tells Sailor Moon that only she can save her friends. From nowhere, the voice of Queen Serenity appears and so does a seceptre. "This Moon Sceptre will help in your quest". With her new found weapons, she banishes Racey with the words, "Moon Scepter Elimination!". Kindergarten Chaos Mina (Sailor Venus) wakes up late AGAIN for school. According to Artemis Mina is worse than Serena about getting to school on time. So Mina runs like crazy to get to school. On her run to school, Mina comes acorss some bullies picking on a little girl. Mina scares the boys away and befriends the girl. She finds out that the little girl's hero is Sailor Moon and that she believes that Sailor Moon is real despite what other people say (I guess Sailor Moon hasn't found much fame yet). On her way home, Mina comes across the same boys picking on the same little girl. The little girl was arguing with the boys that Sailor Moon is real and not just a story. There she finds that the little girl's name is Carey. There she also finds out that Carey has no idea who Sailor Venus is, much to Mina's displeasure. Carey gets Mina to volunteer to speak in Carey's Kindergarten's class to show that Sailor Moon is real and not just another story. After her presentation to the class, Mina volunteers to ride along with the children on the school bus because the teacher is unable to ride along that afternoon. The Doom Tree is running out of energy again and Anne and Alan, again, call up another Cardian monster to find more energy for the Doom Tree. They call upon a monster called "Vulturos" who looks half-man and half-bird. Vulturos happens to target school buses, which is full of energy of vibrant little kids. Serena and Luna go to investigate the bus incidents. Amy has discovered a pattern in the attacks and points out where the monster will most like hit next. Serena, with the help the "Luna Pen", a tool that Serena uses to disguise her to be any person she wants. So Serena turns into a substitue teacher and joins Mina in the school bus to see if they could catch up the the monster who is draining all the children's energy. Sure enough, Vulturos attacks the bus. Mina and Serena are able to sneak out of the bus and transform into Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon. All the children (who finally believe now that Sailor Moon is real) are hopeful that Sailor Moon could defeat the Cardian monster. Vulturos seems to be too powerful for either Sailors to defeat; the Sailors are scrambling just to get out of harm's way. As Vulturos goes to finish off the scouts, the timely Moon Light Night comes to the rescue again. The Moon Light Knight tells Venus to believe in herself, and that there is a bus full of children who believe in them too. It's time to stand up and protect the future! Venus, inspired by the children's cries for help finds new powers within her: "Venus Charge!". Sailor Moon then finishes off the Cardian monster with her Moon Scepter Elimination.

Much Ado About Babysitting
This time, Anne and Alan conspire to take the energy of innocent babies!! This time they've gone too far! They call upon the powers of another Cardian monster, Stalker(?). The Cardian monster then makes her appearance at a local nursery. They attack all the babies in the nursery as well as all the parents who are there. Mrs. Winston along with all the babies is left weak and sent to the hospital. Luckily, Mrs. Winston's baby, Jordon, was unhurt. However, Mrs. Winston is too weak to take care of Jordon and her husband is on a business trip. Darian volunteers to take care of Jordon while his mother is in the hospital restoring her energy. Serena helps Darian take care of the baby, and at the end of the week that they have him, they get Jordon to walk and talk! They also get into fights... and sometimes Serena wonder if Darian and her were meant to be because Darian is always making fun of her and her "Meatball Head" hair. Again, the Cardian monster makes his appearance at another nursery. This time the Scouts are there to confront it. Mercury, who is so angry that someone would dare to steal the energy of innocent children summons up a new attack! She says "Mercury Ice Bubble Freeze" and defeats the Cardian Monster.

The Doom Tree is getting weaker and weaker and the energy that Alan and Anne are feeding it isn't sustaining its life. Strangely enough, the Doom Tree is backlashing at Alan and Anne. Anne and Alan are also in desperate need for energy as well because the Doom Tree is too weak to provide them with energy. And once, Anne thought she heard something whispering to her.... I wonder what it is. Because Anne and Alan are so weak from not having enough energy, they missed a few days of school. Meantime, Darian was going to see Anne to give her some flowers because he had heard she was sick. Serena happened to see Darian and went with him to Anne and Alan's apartment. Both Anne and Alan are glad to see Darian and Serena, respectively. In an attempt to get rid of Serena once and for all, Anne tells Serena to check out Alan's experiment which is in the room (dimension) that the Doom Tree is in. Inside the room, Serena was attacked by a cardian monster that Anne had set on her. But this time, the Doom Tree became animated and attacked the Cardian monster and broke free from the room and into the living room and subsequently, took over the entire apartment. The Doom Tree had Serena in her branches and Darian as well. The scouts had heard that Serena was at Anne and Alan's and rushed over. And when they arrived, they found that the Doom Tree has taken the entire apartment under seige. There was no way to get in... and no way to help Serena if she was in trouble. But Suddenly, the Doom Tree allows the scouts to enter. The scouts are fearful that it may be a trap but they have no choice but to enter if they were to help Serena. The scouts were met inside with some attacks from the Doom Tree but they were taken care of with a little bit of scout power and attacks. When they arrived to the part of the apartment where Serena and Darian were held captive in the Doom Tree's branches, they found that Anne and Alan are indeed the two aliens that were constantly showing up with the varioius Cardian monsters. And during this entire time, Anne was trying to protect Darian by commanding the Doom Tree to sap Serena's energy instead of Darian's and Alan was trying to do the same for Serena. The Doom Tree has stopped obeying the commands of Alan and Anne and sapped energy from both Serena and Darian. When Anne and Alan noticed that the scouts arrived, they blasted them and sent the scouts sprawling. Seeing that her friends were getting hurt, Serena transformed into Sailor Moon, thus revealing herself. Darian was knocked out cold by the energy drain by the Doom Tree. She rushed over to an unconscience Darian and pleaded for him to wake up. Alan is shocked that someone like this would be so devoted to another person. And when he realized that Serena would take any punishment for someone that she loves, he decided that all that he was doing was wrong. But it was too late then... Anne blasted Sailor Moon with her powers as Sailor Moon remained in front of Darian to protect him. Anne saw that there was no use of trying to go after Darian anymore as Darian and Serena are obviously too attached with each other to want someone else. Anne continued her attack on Sailor Moon. Then Darian wakes up... and stands in front of Sailor Moon who is getting weaker. Anne and Alan was so shocked to see how much pain Darian and Serena would endure for each other. Is this what true love is? Without warning, the Doom Tree begins to attack Anne and Alan. A sharp pointed branch was heading straight for Alan when from no where, Anne intercepts the attack from the Doom Tree and dies. Anne makes Alan promise that he'll never forget her and that she loves him. It was then that the Doom Tree began to speak... The Doom Tree then told of a time in it's past: I once lived alone on a planet. I was a good tree then, and my name was not the Doom Tree as you have known me to be. I was called Treed, and I had a good heart. Once day, I decided that I will give birth to many children so I will not be lonely anymore. And for a long time, these children made me very happy and we lived in happiness and and in plenty. After a while, my children became obsessed with power and greed. They fought among each other and eventually destroyed the world that we lived in. I, in my last attempt to salvage what I had left, mustered up all my energy and casted my few remainging faithful children away from that world in search of a new world where we may live and love again. But I was weak, and so was my children. At the end, it was only Anne and Alan that were left and they didn't have any guidance from me because I was too weak to speak to them. The only knew me as the Doom Tree and knew that I gave them life if they fed me. It was not their fault that they seem evil; it was the world that they grew up in that forced them to be the way they are now. Treed then asked Sailor Moon for a favor. Can she use Sailor Moon's "Moon Scepter Elimination" on her so that she may be purified from the evil energy that she has absorbed throught the many years. And with the last of her energy, she brings Anne back to life. Anne and Alan finally realize now that they love each other and that they can begin anew as good beings. Treed, now just a sapling, represents their new beginnings. So with the sapling Treed, Alan and Anne thank the Sailor Scouts and fly off into space in search of a new and happy place for them to grow a new and good life.
This concludes the first part of the second season. Whatcha think?? Pretty exciting huh? I think so! Well, anyway, I hope my narration of the story wasn't too bad. There is a movie for this part of the Sailor Moon story. The story line has completely changed in the movie and only the character profiles are the same. The Sailor Moon R movie follows the theme of the first part of the second season: plants but that's about all the movie and the television episodes have in common. The movie is just awesome, and in my opinion, it's the best of the 3 Sailor Moon movies. And the one hour movie is in Japanese. For information to how to get this movie, check out my "More Sailor Moon" section (fansubber). I recommend it! I recommend all of the movies if you can afford it, but if I was to choose one movie only, I would choose the Sailor Moon R movie. The fansubs are really cheap anyway. The person that records these movies (VKLL) record them from Video CD and he does not make much money. Most of the cost of the order goes to buying the blank tapes and other business expensenses to keep the fansub going.

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