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NA Characters NA Characters

Main Characters

Serena/Sailor Moon: Tracey Moore (eps. 1-11, 15 & 21)

Terri Hawkes (all the other episodes)

Ami/Sailor Mercury: Karen Bernstein

Rei/Sailor Mars: Katie Griffin (eps. 7-65), Emilie

Barlow (eps. 66-82)

Lita/Sailor Jupiter: Susan Roman

Darien/Tuxedo Mask: Rino Romano (eps. 1-11), Toby Proctor (eps. 12-65), Vince Corrazza (eps. 66-82)

Mina/Sailor Venus: Stephanie Morgenstern

Luna: Jill Frappier

Artemis: Ron Rubin

Luna Ball/Sailor Pluto: Jill Frappier (58), Sabrina Grdevich (all other episodes)

Rini: Traci Hoyt

Evil People

Queen Beryl: Naz Edwards

Jedite/The Wiseman(54)/Baby Jordan: Tony Daniels

Nephlyte: Kevin Lund

Zoisite/Emerald: Kirsten Bishop

Malachite: Dennis Akayama

Queen Metallia: Maria Vacratsis

Alan: Vince Corraza

Ann: Sabrina Grdevich

Doom Tree/Tree of Life: Liz Hannah

Catsy: Alice Poon (eps. 54-58), Mary Long (all other episodes)

Birdie: Kathy Laskey

Avery: Jennifer Griffiths

Prisma: Norma Dell'Agnese

Rubeus: Rob Tinkler

Prince Sapphire: Lyon Smith

Prince Diamond: Robert Bockstael

Wicked Lady: Liz Brown

Kinda Main Characters

Molly: Mary Long

Melvin: Roland Parliament

Andrew: Colin O'Meara

Queen Serenity: Wendy Lyon

Sammy: Julie Lemieux

Serena's Mom: Barbara Radecki

Serena's Dad: David Hubard

Patricia Haruna: Nadine Rabinovich

Raye's Grandfather: David Fraser

Chad: Steve Bednarski

Announcer: Chris Wiggins


Harvey Atkins
Lindsay Collins
Lisa Dalbello
Tony Daniels
David Fraser
Terri Hawkes
Elva Mai Hoover
Loretta Jafelice
Julie Lemieux
Allison Sealy-Smith
Maria Vacratisis

Rainbow Crystal Carriers

Greg: Eric Kimmel

Game Machine Joe: Rino Romano

Peggy Jones: Katherine Trowell


Baby Jordan: Tony Daniels

Misha: Jeff Lumby

Chess Tower owner: Roland Parliament

Jenelle: Traci Hoyt

Mika: Kathy Laskey

Mika's Mother: Wendy Lyon

Countess Rose: Wendy Lyon

Mr. Baxter: Chris Wiggins

Peter: Joel Freeney

Misc. Voices

Steve Bednarski
Chris Britton
Lindsay Collins
Tony Daniels
David Fraser
Hillary Goldhar
Loretta Jafelice
Julie Lemieux
Roland Parliament
Alice Poon
Nadine Rabinovitch
Greg Swanson

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