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BunnyMoons Angels

Hi.My name is Mina,and I'm going to tell you about the club, Bunny's Angels.

It was created by Bunny Sandefur aka-BunnyMoon. It is a free club to join,and you don't need any webpage,but if you do,let us know so will be able to tell others about it.

If you join, each month you will get a news letter jam packed full of goodies including the following:

  • Jpgs & Gifs
  • Webpage updates
  • Webpages of the Month
  • A new Midi
  • New member announcements
  • And much more!!

    A being a member of the club,you will also be able to attend monthly chat meetings that we hold in IRC rooms.And coming soon,you will be able to get a membership card in the mail!

    so what are you waiting for!?Click here to join!!

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