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The first part or season of Sailor Moon consists of 40 episodes. This first season introduces us to the characters in the story and shows us how these characters evolve to become important in the Sailor Moon saga. The first season of Sailor Moon which incidentally was labelled simply as "Sailor Moon". So without anymore suspense, here is the story!

The story begins one thousand years ago during a time of peace in the universe called the Silver Millennium when Queen Serenity, a fair and just ruler Rayegned. At that time, everyone in the universe lived peacefully and happily. That was true especially on the Moon which was graced every night with fantastic parties. One day, Queen Beryl and the henchmen of the Negaverse invaded the Earth and threatened the peace and harmony of all the inhabits on the Moon as well. The Negaverse was too strong to defeat and in a desperate attempt to defeat the Negaverse and Queen Beryl, Queen Serenity used her moon cystal to send the Negaverse into the future on Earth but in doing so she also sent her own court including Princess Serena to Earth. When the Negaverse does resurface again on Earth, the Sailors with Princess Serena/Sailor Moon as their leader will be sure to defeat them...

Note: The North American Sailor Moon version may differ a little... or a lot depending on who you talk to. For one thing, everything is censored. Scripts have been cut to accommodate the commercials, entire episodes are not shown because of inappropriate material. The DIC version does not follow the Japanese script strictly and so the stories of some characters or the things that happen in some episodes may not coincide with each other.

Serena, the complete ditz turned heroine.
The anime begins with a 14 year old girl named Serena who is late for school... AGAIN. As she is running to her school, she sees a crowd of little boys around something and scares them away. It turns out tht something is a cat with a shape of a crescent moon on her forehead. The cat, startled, leaps away from Serena. Serena who is worried about getting to school on time continues to run to school. The cat, named Luna, felt some strange power about Serena (power Serena at the time didn't even feel). So Luna follows Serena all day. At night, Luna goes to Serena's house and enters her room and shocks Serena by talking to her! Luna, convinced that this klutzy, cry baby girl is in fact the Sailor of the Moon. Serena doesn't believe her, of course. Would you? So Luna takes out a locket and tells Serena to take it and say "MOON PRISM POWER!!" and Serena transforms into Sailor Moon. Shocked, and amazed, Serena wonders what just happened. Luna then tells Sailor Moon that she is sworn to protect the Earth from the evil Negaverse which may be resurfacing again. Luna tells Serena that they must find the rest of the Scouts and also find the Moon Princess who is the only one who can defeat the Negaverse and Queen Beryl. From then on, Luna becomes Serena's guardian of sorts. Luna is a little distressed because Serena does not seem to be a very brave or athletic. In fact, Serena actually looks lazy and klutzy. The series continues for a while with Serena as the lone Sailor Scout. But soon, other scouts arrive to help Sailor Moon (probably to Luna's relief). Sailor Moon's doesn't really have a natural attack. She can throw her tiara which turns into a glowing discus in the air which is quite effective on Nega-scum. She is also aided by various wands and such that Luna provides.

Amy Anderson (Sailor Mercury) to the rescue!
Amy is the first to join Serena. She had just transferred from another school and carried the reputation of being very smart. Everyone observes that she isn't very outgoing, and that she studies a lot. Serena, always friendly, befriends Amy. Serena learns that Amy lives with her mother who is a pediatrician and that someday Amy would want to follow in her mother's footsteps so that's why she studies so much. Luna got a strange feeling about Amy so Serena and Luna investigate. Luna suspected Amy to be from the Negaverse at first. After confusing Amy to be from the Negaverse, Sailor Moon and Luna finds out that Amy is actually Sailor Mercury when a Negaverse monster is discovered to be pretending to be a computer teacher when she is really absorbing all her student's energy! Amy is caught by the Negaverse monster who then feeds on Amy's energy. Luna notices that Amy's forehead is flashing the sign of Mercury and deduces that Amy is Sailor Mercury and not from the Negaverse after all! She is able to give Amy a Sailor pen while Sailor Moon distracts the Negaverse monster. Amy takes the pen and says "Mercury Power!!!" and then transforms into Sailor Mercury. And yeah, of course, Sailor Mercury finishes off the Nega-scum. So from then on, until the next Sailor Scout surfaces, Amy and Serena as Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon defend the Earth against the Negaverse. Sailor Mercury's attack is "Mercury Bubble Blast!". She also has a computer-aided visor and a pocket computer which comes in very handy. Mercury's strength isn't her physical abilities as shown by her weak attack, but she makes up for it with her brains!

Raye (Sailor Mars) enters with some fight
Sailor Mars is the second Sailor Scout to appear after Serena. She lives with her grandfather in a temple on Cherry Hill. As Raye grew up in a temple, she gained spiritual powers and often has a knack for sensing danger. Many people thought it was very scary that Raye had such powers. Despite her natural good looks and hard working demeanor, she is hardly approached by anyone. At the time, buying lucky charms from the temple was very popular. There was reports that buses with girls who went to buy the charms on it were disappearing near the temple. Amy, Serena and Luna go to investigate. Raye tells Serena that their temple has nothing to do with the missing buses. So Luna and Serena gets on a bus that passes by the temple to investigate. But before they do, Luna gets a feeling about Raye, the same feeling she got when she encountered Serena and Amy. They also dropped a Sailor pen which Raye picked up. When Serena enters the bus, she notices that all the girls are unconscious as though all their energy has been sapped away from them. The bus driver then turns into a ugly Negaverse monster and drives into a black hole that leads to some other dimensional world...(presumably to the Negaverse base) In the meantime, Raye is at the temple and she senses something evil about the new worker at the temple. The worker then reveals himself to be a soldier for the Negaverse and throws Raye into another black hole. Raye is then seen falling in the air toward the bus in the dark dimension. The bus driver catches Raye and begins to choke Raye. Raye's pet crows follow her to the portal hole and distracts the Negaverse monster. Luna tells Raye to take the pen and transform. Raye says "Mars Power!!!" and transforms into Sailor Mars. Raye then uses her new found power to defeat the Negaverse monster. Amy who standing at the other side of the dimensional portal is using the power from her Sailor pen guides Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask (see below) home from the dark dimension with the light that originates from power of Mecury and the hope that the two Sailors with Luna would return safely back. Sailor Mars' attack is "Mars Fire Ignite!!" She has the ability to sense evil and she can call upon the "Great Fire" at the temple to answer her questions about certain things. She's probably the bravest and most hard working Scout. She often teases Serena because Serena is so lazy. Raye also lives with her Grandfather at the temple on Cherry Hill.

Lita (Sailor Jupiter), a softie after all
A new girl had entered school one day. She carried the reputation of being very violent; in fact she was kicked out from her old school because she always got into fights. Hearing about this girl, Serena sneaks up behind her as the girl was by herself. No one else would dare talk to the girl. What attracted Serena towards this girl was her curiosity about her and the great food that she had with her! Serena learned that the girl's name is Lita. The two girls begain to talk and Serena befriended Lita. One day, Lita and Serena encountered one of the Negaverse's lietenants. Lita was off and fighting again and got a good punch at him. The reason why the Negaverse lieutenant showed up was because one of the boys from Serena's school which was with Serena and Lita at the time carried a Negaverse monster which laid dormant. These monsters were considered the Negaverse's strongest monsters, and once all them (7) are together, they become even more powerful. So Queen Beryl goes off to find the carriers of these monsters. This time, it was the boy that Serena and Lita was with. Then the monster was released from the boy, Lita flew into action again. This time, she was so enraged, the symbol of Jupiter shined in her forehead. Luna noticed that and told Lita to say "Jupiter Power!!" and once she turned into Sailor Jupiter, Lita kicked butt by using her attack, "Jupiter Thunder Crash!". The monster was dazed. Luna then gave Sailor Moon a new weapon. It was a healing wand that can purify people. So Sailor Moon shouted, "Moon Healing Activation!" and healed the boy. That is how Lita becaome Sailor Jupiter and protector of the Moon.

Mina (Sailor Venus), you're not just a video game!
A fake Sailor Moon has arrived on the scene. The Negaverse is behind this again. Well, the fake Sailor Moon is really one of the Negaverse lietenants in disguise. The Sailor Scouts go to check it out, but it was an ambush and the scouts get caught into some kind of energy dome that absorbs their attacks. Tuxedo masks arrives and tries to save the fake Sailor Moon from the Negaverse (or so he thought) but fake Sailor Moon reveals herself as a Nega-scum and injures Tuxedo Mask. So what is going ot happen?? Who will save the Scouts?? Have no fear, Sailor Venus shows up! Along with her is a white cat named Artemis who is Sailor Venus' guardian much like how Luna is Sailor Moon's guardian. Sailor Venus uses her attack, "Venus Crescent Beam Smash!!" and stuns the Negaverse lieutenants and breaks the control of the dome. The Negaverse retreated and the scouts discover new allies and friend.

Where Tuxedo Mask Comes In Tuxedo Mask is a mysterious hero who often comes to the aid of the Sailor Scouts whenever the scouts are in need. It is obvious to the audience that Tuxedo Mask is Darian, but the Scouts are clueless. He is dressed in a black tuxedo costume with a black mask to hide his identity. He has sworn to protect the Earth and aid the Scouts in their fight against the Negaverse. Not much is known about him at first (but later his identity will be revealed); he just shows up at the right moment to help the scouts. In the beginning, Serena and Raye both fantasize about him (typical teenagers). Tuxedo Mask who still is trying to remember the past and his role in the past does not know that he is also Darian in the beginning. It's a little confusing. It's like he had two different personalities in the beginning: he automatically turns into Tuxedo Mask when danger is threatening the Scouts yet Darian's consciousness does not register with Tuxedo Mask's. Tuxedo Mask is naturally athletic and doesn't appear to have any magical attack powers imbued in him (or maybe he's naturally magical). He does have the ability to throw roses as though they are darts. He sometimes carries a cane with him as well. Darian is introduced in the story as a guy who likes to make fun of Serena. Darian told Serena that her hair looks like a pair of meatballs which totally offended Serena. From then on, Serena is always being called "Meatball Head" by Darian and sometimes Raye (who loves making fun of Serena). It's a little ironic in the beginning that Serena is completely ga-ga over Tuxedo Mask when she totally detests Darian. Even with Sailor Moon, love can be confusing! Summary of things that happen in the first season It is later revealed later in the series that Sailor Moon is really the Moon Princess that Luna has been searching for and that Tuxedo Mask is really Darian who is really Prince Darian (of the Earth). And that they are each meant for each other (to Raye's disappointment because she had a crush with Darian). Tuxedo Mask is captured by the Negaverse and brainwashed to work against the Scouts. This occurs right after Serena discovers that Tuxedo Mask is really Darian. So at the end, Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Scouts find a way into the Negaverse's dimension. Along the way, they encounter The Doom and Gloom sisters, a group of 5 Negaverse henchwomen and one by one each Sailor Scout is killed by these Doom girls. But in the process, Sailor Moon is able to free Darian from Queen Beryl's spell but Darian dies protecting Sailor Moon from Beryl which leaves Serena and Queen Beryl to fight each other. At the end, Sailor Moon is forced to fight Queen Beryl alone. The spirits of the other Scouts return to Sailor Moon and with the Moon Crystal and the spiritual energy of the Scouts, Sailor Moon is able to defeat Queen Beryl. Whenever Sailor Moon uses her Moon Crystal, she dies. But before she dies, she is given one wish, and her wish is to revive all the Scouts and Tuxedo Mask back on Earth the next day but all their memories of each other removed. Luna and Artemis then narrates that the scouts have forgotten each other and they have to rediscover each other and make friends all over again ... thus setting the scene for the next season, Sailor Moon R.

Please Note (again)
There is a whole lot more that goes on during the first season than just fighting and defeating monsters (there is actually a plot!). There are issues in the series like the carrier cystals. Darian and Serena fall in love. Darian is captured and brainwashed by Queen Beryl. Darian fights against the Scouts. Amy finds a boyfriend. You get the point; lots of stuff happen. If you want to know what goes on in the first season, Sailor Moon or in the second season, Sailor Moon R, I suggest that you visit Hitoshi Doi for a complete summary of almost ALL the episodes of Sailor Moon. Also note that Hitoshi Doi's page is centered around the Japanese version. Real bummer for Sailor Moon DiC fans. The first season of Sailor Moon ends with the defeat of Queen Beryl and also acquaints everyone with sailors. The first season of Sailor Moon was introduced in Japan in 1992 and a total of about 200 episodes were made spanning 5 years; that's considered extremely successful for an anime. Unfortunately, the DIC version of Sailor Moon goes only as far as Sailor Moon R Later series of Sailor Moon offer more Sailors, more Negaverse meanies, more plot and more special attacks. Kinda makes you wish you had tons to money to buy the fan subs (episodes that are in Japanese but are subtitled by fans).

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