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Naval Air Base Marpi at Saipan, Mariana Islands in 1945

This Book contains the following materials

Table of Contents

The pages are not numbered, but you will find the materials in the following order:

-Three pages of Dad’s recollections as told by James W. Hogg
-Three Pictures of Howard W. Hogg taken in 1945 at Marpi. The plane is an F4U Corsair
-Two pages with ten pictures of groups of people, 1 picture of barracks interior
-Two aerial photos, four signs, B-29 Bomber
-Two pages of 10 photos – paintings on the noses of the planes (aka: Nose Art). The last photo on the bottom of the second page is a P51 Mustang D Model Aircraft
-Amphibian plane (It’s a Grumman Widgeon, Duck, or Mallard – not certain which), 2 photos of B-29s taking off, unidentified pictures of planes in flight, planes parked, and parked bomber
-Tents at 29 Palms, Mt. Fujiyama taken from cockpit of a B-29, Hospital ship “The Haven,” Japanese Pillbox, Loading of B-29s, movie house
-Radio Control Tower, Pilot’s camp from Mt. Marpi, Pilot’s Camp with runway (immediately below 1st pilot’s camp photo), three aerial views
-Six photos of heavy construction equipment, outdoor stage

The following pages of photos are in Landscape Format:

-Three Photos of Marpi Officer’s Club
-Main Street Marpi, CBMU 616 Office, Quonset warehouse under construction, Marpi Disbursement Office
-Three Pictures of Operations Center, small picture of Brig
-Photos of band, Seabee Shops – Marpi, Radio Station, Garbage Dump – Suicide Cliff
-Cemeteries – 2d Marine Division, 27th Division, also road to rocket range
-Six pages of large photos of the base
-Large photo of NAB Marpi Band (Dad is the 1st on the left, back row, holding a trombone)
-Large photo of theatre
-Large photo of assembly on San Nicholas Island
-Hand written drawing in Dad’s handwriting (in portrait format) with explanation of this San Nicholas Island photo

Complete “Cruise Book” of NAB Marpi: (Note: Whole book in Landscape Format)

-Cruise Book Cover with picture of Operations Center. “SAIPAN 1945, ACORN 46, CASU (F) 47, C.B.M.U. 616”
-Picture of B.T. Talbott, Commander, USN, Commanding Officer. Paragraphs describing purpose of air base, CASU (F) 47, CBMU 616
-Group picture of officers in three rows
-Group picture of NAB Personnel Inspection
-Group picture Fire Dep’t, Hospital Cor., Transportation
-Group picture Div. 1, Communications, Operations
-Group picture Administration, Store Keepers, Ordnance
-Group picture Flight Camp Personnel
-Lt. Cmdr. King Bennethum, USNR Commanding Officer CASU (F) 47 and Cmdr. S.R. Krouse, USNR, Former Commanding Officer
-Group picture of officers
-Group picture 4th, 5th, 6th Divisions and Operations
-Group picture Engineering
-Lt. T.S. Winterthaler, Officer-in-Charge and group picture of the five CBMU 616 officers
-Group picture CBMU 616 Division 1 & Division 2
-Group picture CBMU 616 Division 3 & Division 4
-Three unlabeled pictures. These appear to be from a parade formation
-“Invasion of San Nicholos [sic] Island”
-“Securing the Beach Head on San Nicolas Island”
-Three pictures labeled “29 Palms, Calif. 4 Dec. 1945 to 27 Feb. 1945” (I think they mean 4 Dec. 1944!! TYPO!!)
-Two pictures & map of Saipan labeled “Landed on Saipan April 12, 1945 after 26 Days of pleasant cruising on the good ship S.S. Sea Marlin.”
-Two pages of aerial photos labeled “Marpi from the Air”
-Two pages of unlabeled photos. They appear to be a shack, destroyed building, small island off Saipan, the "Air Does It" billboard, Monastery photo, picture of statue, and shrubbery

Personnel roster of all Enlisted Personnel of Naval Air Base Marpi. This consists of 14 pages with listing categories as follows:

Enlisted Personnel of Naval Air Base Marpi

Divisions 1 through 11 (508 names)

Enlisted Personnel of CASU (F) 47

1st Division Engineering Dep’t (260 names)
1st Division Operations Dep’t (181 names)
1st Division Ordnance Dep’t (267 names)
1st Division ROCTU Dep’t (17 names)
1st Division Radio-Radar Dep’t (65 names)
1st Division Aviation Equipment Dep’t (14 names)
1st Division Aviation Oxygen Dep’t (4 names)
2nd Division MAA and SEABAN Dep’t (56 names)
2nd Division Transportation Dep’t (19 names)
3rd Division Supply Dep’t (Store Keepers) (30 names)
3rd Division Supply Dep’t (SC and BKR) (33 names)
3rd Division Supply Dep’t (Mess Cooks) (45 names)
3rd Division Supply Dep’t (CKS, STD, STM) (46 names)
4th Division Welfare and Recreation Dep’t (10 names)
5th Division Medical Dep’t (13 names)
6th Division Personnel Dep’t (11 names)

Enlisted Personnel of CBMU 616 (239 names)

(Head count total: 55 Officers and 1,818 Enlisted Personnel)

End Cruise Book. Dad's photos resume in landscape format.

-Unidentified photos of: guard gate, ship “Dothan Victory,” aircraft (possibly a B-17), and garbage dump
-Unidentified photos of: mountain with planes & hangars in foreground, plane taking off, unidentified building, view of harbor
-Leaflets dropped by aircraft on the Japanese (Four leaflets, front and back, in portrait format)
-EPILOGUE: Howard Hogg, a brief biography after discharge from the Navy, with two photos taken of him with Helen, his wife. Also a brief biography of George R. Hogg, Dad's Brother, along with two photos taken of him with Bettye, his wife. This consists of four pages.

I AM offering this book NOW, consisting of approx. 81 pages.

For availability, you may contact me at or via snail mail at PO Box 60112, Fort Myers, Florida USA 33906-6112 or via FAX at 1-508-462-5585. You also may call me at 1-631-223-8881 (Updated April 10, 2010). If I don't answer, leave me a phone message and I can phone you back.

This book is NOW available at the Seabee Museum in Davisville, RI at the following URL: (Below the photos at the bottom of this webpage, you will find a link to click on to that page.)

(However, I understand this link does not work any more - updated April 10, 2010) This material was posted on October 7, 2007 at 1130 AM Eastern Time and UPDATED on January 21, 2008.


This is a photo of two unidentified sailors from CBMU-616 in Saipan holding the unit’s emblem plaques for this photograph. My dad took this picture at NAB Marpi in Saipan in 1945.

This photo, taken by me with my digital camera, shows these SAME emblem plaques here in Florida on November 15, 2008.

They were sent to me by L. C. “Wally” Waldenstrom from Arizona, a WW II history buff, and here’s what he wrote to me by email:

“A friend of mine passed me a couple of 'OLD' CB items that his dad had brought back from the South Pacific after the war was winding down or over. His last name was Kinney, and, I think he was an engineering officer in the CBMU-616. He went on to be a professor of engineering at the University Of Nebraska. The plaques hung in his basement in Omaha, Nebraska for many years till his house was cleared out, as is done after we go on to better places. Anyway, his son knew that I had been in the Navy for years & thought that I could use these. Being of the 'old school', I was lucky enough to have served under WWII vets on active, in the early to mid 60's. I knew that some one involved with the CB's should have these, so when I went on the net I found your info, which is why you have this strange e-mail. I am attaching pictures of both items…”

After checking the NAB Marpi Cruise Book, I learned that “Kinney” was Lieut. (JG) E. E. Kinney and was a member of the CBMU-616 Officer Personnel. He appears in the group photo of the officers of the unit.

Sometime in the future, I will be seeking a home for these emblem plaques where they will be preserved and displayed for future generations.

This material was UPDATED on November 15, 2008 at 10:04AM.


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