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Diggen Up Bone's Part II

My Surnames

Well, now that I'm finished telling you about my husband's family, I'll tell you about mine. I hve a very large family so Ii'll only introduce you to the one's that derectly have something to do with me.

Once I learn a little more about building a homepage, then I'll let you meet the rest of the family.

Are you ready? Here we go!

b. abt 26 July 1835<
d. abt 1911

b.16 Oct 1835
p.Jonovice n Uhl,Bohemia,CZ
m.1861/62 (Antonie Mastik)
d.27 Sep 1910
p.Teaneck,Bergen Co,NJ

Elian, Johann
m. (Anna Lubka)
father of Wenzel

Elian, Antonie
b.4 Feb 1873
p.Jonovice n Uhl,Bohemia,CZ
d.8 Oct 1852

Eckstein, Rudolph
b. Nov 1843
p.Gaildorf Wurttenburg,Germany
m. abt1869 (Adelhide Kohlross)
d.abt 1926/27

Eckstein, Bertha Amalie
b.8 Mar 1878
p.Clifton, Staten Island, NY
d.15 Mar 1964
p.Ridgefield Park, Bergen Co,NJ

Haus, Catherine
mother of Fredrick

Galli, Robert John
b.14 Feb 1932
p.Union City,Hudson Co,NJ
m.29 Aug 1952(Charlotte Kohnle)

Galli, Nancy Lynn
b.22 Nov 1954
p.Englewood, Bergen Co,NJ

Galli,Russell Robert
b.13 Nov 1957
p.Englewood, NJ

Galli, Ronald Bruce
b.5 Oct 1960
p.Englewood, NJ

Hikade, Josef
m.(Johanna Marin/Schestag)
father of Eduard

Hikade, Eduard
p.Chrostau,Ohlutten, Moravia
m.(Marie Zabsky)
father of Juliana

Hikade, Juliana
b.24 Jun 1893
d.6 Sep 1974
p.Ramsey,Bergen Co, NJ

Hutter, Maria Anna
mother of Johann

Kohnle, Philipp
m.(Maria Anna Hutter)

Kohnle, Johann Anton
b.21 Feb 1848
m.2 May 1891(Louise Friedrike Schmid)

Kohnle, Adolf Leonard
b.22 May 1892
p.Reutlingen, W.Germany
m.31 Jan 1920(Juliana Aurelin Hikade)
p.Manhattan,New York Co,NY

Kohnle, Adolph John
b.12 May 1921
p.Manhattan, New York Co,NY
m.4 Feb 1945(Frances B. Kohnle)
p.Bogota,Bergen Co,NJ

Kohnle,Leonard Frank
b.11 Dec 1945
Teaneck, NJ
m.15 Jun 1968(Deborah Jaackson

Im not done I have more to add but my fingers are falling off....later!!!!

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