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Surf Trivia

Remembering Lums and the Aframe off A-1-A toward Satellite Beach, beer steamed dogs with kraut at Lums, Foosball and beer at Aframe. Tiki Bills at the end of Park Ave. on the beach.

- Jerry Ott

Surf Trivia

I married a local girl Jayne Hurd and move to Cocoa Beach in 1974. We lived at 1539 S. Atlantic Ave, Tom and Linda Alcott lived next door to the south and DCB live on the north side of us. Dennis O'hare lived behind us, so did Shiply. Dennis was my best friend, he got me a job hot coating boards for Dave Carson at the Carson/Salik Factory. I got to surf with the 15th street locals, who were all great surfers, I learned a lot from them. Some of the locals were Greg Thomas, Jim Byrd, Dennis O'hare, DCB, Pete and Debbie Dooley, Wayne the tiki guy, Bo Bokidis, Artie, Tommy Pilco, and Billy Weismann. Other friends were Timmy Newman & Charlie Tuna. I also worked at WaveRider Magazine as a photo editor for John and Gunner. Right now I can't remember all but will try to get back with more.
Oh and my daugther Che was born in Cocoa Beach in 1975 and went to Freedom Seven elementary school. She was a year or two behind Kelly.

Howard Alward asked what was the name of the old beach ramp north of the base, but I don't remember a ramp, the only break between the base and Crescent Bch was Picnic Tables. Wait, I do remember you could get a car on the beach right behind Quiet flight's shop, but there were posts in the sand that blocked you from driving north, and if you went south you would be on the base and get in trouble. I remember we were surfing at Hangers and some guys pick-up rolled down over the rocks to the beach, and he had to drive to there to get off the beach.

- Sal Catania


I really love you page! I was born in Cape Canaveral Hospital in July of 69 on the same day Neil stepped on the moon. My parents are Glenn and Alice Arnold. They both taught school at Freedom 7, Roosevelt, Cape View, and Sea Breeze. Dad retired from teaching, but still remains the organist at Riverside Presbyterian Church. I Graduated in 88 from CBHS. I spent most of my days on the beach and working on fishing boats, (The Lady Pelican, The Pelican Princess, and The Capít Snappy) out of Port Canaveral. I now spend my time kicking myself for ever leaving and longing to get back to Cocoa Beach! Thanks for the memories and I hope to meet you all soon!!!

- Respectfully, Glenn Arnold

Surf Trivia

I was the Gremmie that Murph wouldn't let into his corner. Anyone who was surfing in 1960 would know about that. Murph would let me use his sesame seed board and the red cross board to learn on. We used to hang out at the Starlight where Murphs shop was and my older brother helped Murph out around his shop. There were a lot of surfers who would come by and hang out with Murph in those days, and it was somewhat of a loose knit group, but we always stuck up for each other. Cocoa Beach was a great place in those days, you could drive up and down the beach all you wanted. Murph was a great guy, and he really treated me like I was his kid brother, His girlfriend "Linda" liked me too....I used to flip burgers in the snack shack at the Starlight, what a hoot that was. I saw Bill Lamp slip off of the high dive there and he hit the concrete edge messed him up. Murph was a great diver and he used to show off on the high dive all the time, but most of the time he was making boards, and he made some really nice ones too . He was a pioneer in Cocoa Beaches surf history, and I'll never forget him. I saw him once after the Star of India thing, he actually remembered me and we shared a few laughs. That was a special time and place, you had to be there to believe it.

- Gil Henry

Cocoa Beach Trivia

...I was part of the early days(60's) in Bradenton surfing with the Salick's, Jim Drawdy, Jim Brady, and migrated over to CB during high school day's ...ended up having to enlist to avoid vietnam and was sent to Patrick and spent my 4 years there surfing and living the life even though I did my duty from 68-72 as a weather observer an early out and on GI bill went to Brevard JC and lived the next 7 years of my life at 8th St South ...I have quite a few pictures from those days I could share, all the parties and the surf life were the best days of my life meeting so many people ...was a "Band of Brother's" ...1st job was working with Rocky von Hahman, for Mr T at Surfing World, met Dewey Weber, Steve Walden, numerous surf guys from CB, CC,GP,MT, Bill Bringhurst so many stories I could share here ...chi-chi la boom-boom, the Virginia beach gals Suzanne and Sharon, bird dog and Alvin who sold crocodile lures on the south side of the inlet back to the fisherman who lost em on the rocks fishing for bluefish, oh yeah, Georges steak house, pillowtalk, coaching little league by the pan am storage offices, playing b-ball at the gym ...our thanksgiving and christmas dinners for those who were still in the area, not going home, my big party at 8th St South when I got out of the air force, Tommie Smith clinging to the side of his little hillman getting sick going down to the nco club for another keg, hanging down at Catri's and the boardwalk ...working for city of Indialantic dpw, building my house down in Melbourne Shores on Pelican Drive, shrimping, fishing, having my 1st child Amy Kristen there ...coaching Harris corporation 17-18 year old's senior league South Beach's and substitute teaching at Gemini elementary ...working the midshift at the cape in military weather before apollo 11 went up, shaking hands w/ Armstrong-Collins-Aldrin before they lifted off and getting many astronaut autograph's from 68-'72 working at baseops and my long shifts in the ROS on the runway sending weather reports ...flying with AirSea Rescue helicoper offshore seeing a polaris missle come up from a submaine fired downrange ...flying the c130's down to Ramey for a weeks surfing, meeting Jorge Machuca and watching him take off on 12' winter swell peaks, while I barely made the 8' shoulder's ...looking out for sea urchin's ...AAHHH, Cocoa Beach what a life we all had/have ...was the best part of my life, and I miss it tremendously being back over to the gulf coast at present, but wife trying to get me to move over to her turf, Vero Beach ...RIP Richard Salick, you were a hellofa man, Bradenton day's, your first transplant when you stayed with us in Gainesville, to your long career in CB doing the thing you loved most ...Richard even played football on our high school manatee hurricane team as a offensive guard ...also a RIP Wilson Shymanski who was a mainstay at the old public beach days....

- Gary Olin CB/ South Melb Beach '62-84

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