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Skim Magazine
(The Mag site by Butch MacIntosh)
Skim Online
(A world renouned site by Aaron Peluso)
Skimboard Educational Resources
Robert Gennaro, Owner, Outdoor Board Sports)
Florida Skimboarding
(an East Coast Florida site by Brad Evers)
Florida Skimboarding ProAm
(an East Coast Florida site by Steve Pullara)
South Florida Skim
(a South Florida site by Jay)
Skim Jensen
(a South Florida site by Ken)
Skimboard Central
(a South Florida site by SkimSkam)
Palm Beach Skim
(a South Florida site by Nick & Josh)
Skim Florida
(a Gulf Coast Florida site by Felix P)
Skim Sanibel
(a Gulf Coast Florida site by Scott & Jeremy)
Skim Index (just pics)
(a Gulf Coast Florida site)
Venice Skim
(a Gulf Coast Florida site by Mike & Matt)
Left Coast Skim
(a Gulf Coast Florida site by Mike Jones)
Forever Skim
(a Ft. Walton Beach Florida site)
Beach Skim
(a Panama City Beach Florida site by Chris Trawick)
Gulf Coast Skim Assoc.
(a Panama City Beach Florida site By Ash Medlock)

Skim Aliso
(a California site by Jake Abbott)
SoCal Skim
(a California site by Calvin Sloan)
Skim San Diego
(a SD California site by Steve Kelnhofer)
(a California site by Mark Bacchetti)
Santa Cruz Skim
(a SC California site by Andrew W)
Skim Santa Cruz
(a SC California site by Geoff)
Skim Culture
(a SC California site by Mike Tam)
(a SF California site by Cramik)
Includes some HOT tow-in vids!
Inland Skim
(a Sacramento, California site by Noah Lane)
Skim Ventura
(a California site by GraveDog Industries)
Joe Bailey Skim Photography
(a California site by Joe Baily)
The Thalia Street Gallery
(a California Skim Photography site by Ed Krebs)
(a California site by Steve Lerum)

Resilient Skim
(a Kauai Hawaii site by Aaron)

Maine Line Skimmers
(a Maine site by Tim Pasakarnis)

South Shore Surf and Skim Scene (S5)
(a Massachusettes site by Sam Bitetti)

RI Skim
(a Rhode Island site)

Lake Michigan Skim
(a Michigan site by Reid Warber)

Surge SkimBoarding
(a Conneticut site by Thomas W)

(a New Jersey site by Eric Wojciechowski)
Skimming NJ Shore
(a Cape May New Jersey site)

Outer Banks Skim
(a North Carolina site by Kyle Holt)
Skim RePo
(a North Carolina site by Woody Harris and Cheyne Terjesen)
(a North Carolina site by Nick Dunwell)

Third Coast Skim Crew
(a Texas site by Rick Sawyer)

(a Utah site by Robby)

Vancouver Skimboard Page
(a BC, Canada site by Michael Edwards)
Skimmin Vancouver
(a BC, Canada site by Wes Kubo)
Skankin' Skims
(a BC, Canada site by Brandon Wright)
Skimboard Nova Scotia
(a Nova Scotia site)
Skimboarding Info
(a Guernsey Island site by Simon English)

(compilation of sites by Jan Steven Kelder)

Skimmin Comes in All Languages!
SkimSpot Magazine
(Poland's Online Magazine, site in Polish by Zibi)
82 Moon
(a Cagayan de Oro, Philippines site by Andee Gee)
Skimboarding Reunion Island
(all photos, site in French)
(site in French by Renaud)
Skim Crash
(site in French by Dude)
Skim the World
(site in French)
Le Skimboard Francais
(site in French)
MKSC Skimboard Club
(site in French)
Oleron Skim
(site in French)
Mauna Kéa Skimboard Club
(site in French)
Skimboard Passion
(site in French)
Photo Passion
(Skim (and other) photos, site in French)
SUAU Romain Skimboard
(site in French & English)
Skimboard Netherlands
(site in German)
The Netherlands Skimboard Page
(site in German)
Peacock Skim
(site in Japanese & English)
Tons of movies of Locals
Skim Paradise
(site in Japanese & English)
Team £Á£× SkimBoard Club
(site in Japanese)
East Japan Skimboarding Society
(site in Japanese & some English)
Nacao Skim
(A Brazilian site in Portugese)
Skim Planet
(A site in Portugese by João & Daniel)
(site in Portugese & English)
Skim in PT
(site in Portugese by Rui Pedros Santos)
Skimboard Argentina
(site in Spanish)

Skimboard & Accessory Retailers
Skim City
Owner: Greg Krolczyk
Owner: Dewey Beach Surf & Sport
Skim Shop
Owner: Dave
Online Only
Owner: Matt, UK distributer
East Coast Skimboards
Owner: Joe Almo
Skim Shop in Egg Harbor Twp. NJ

Board Manufacturers
Zap Skimboards
Owner: Bob Smetts
Venice Beach, Florida
Victoria Skimboards
Owner: Tex Haines
Laguna Beach, California
Exile Skimboards LLC
Owners: Andy Chiavetta & Aaron Peluso
San Clemente, California
10/40 Skimboards
Owner: Mike Cole
Treasure Island, Florida
SkimTech Skimboards
Owner: Tom Quigg
St. Augustine, Florida
EZ Skimmers
Owner: Chris Ambut
Bradenton, Florida
Liquid Launch Skimboards
Owner: Liquid Addiction
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Wave Zone Skimboards
Owner: Jeff Shinham
Holmes Beach, Florida
Skid Row Skimboards
Owner: Sheddoggie
Washington State
Skimbo Skimboards
Owner: Norv
ShorFish Skimboards
Owner: John & Kelli
Hammerhead Skimboard Co.
Taylors, South Carolina
Western Flyer
Sarasota, Florida
CCRider Boards
Crescent City, California
Boards By Bair
Owner: Mitchell Bair
Kayotics Skimboards
Owner: Kayotics
Barefoot Skimboards
Owner: Hugh Stolarz
Nova Scotia, Canada
Owner: Devin
Nova Scotia, Canada
Backwash Skimboards
Owner: Kevin
Vancouver, BC
Mandala Skimboards
An Italian Manufacturer
(Site in Italian & English)
Eden Skimboards
A French Manufacturer
(Site in French)
Plywood Skimboards
A Dutch Manufacturer
(Site in German &, French)
Woody Skimmers Inc.
Pascagoula, Mississippi
Online only - Seller on

Other Skim Involved Sites
Skim USA
Director: Harry Wilson
A U.S. Skimboarding Organization
Skim Wear
Owner: Boardheads
A Clothing Company supporting Skimmers Everywhere
SKIM "It's What We Do!"
Run Drop Slide
Owner: Steve Pullara
RDS Clothing Company made just for Skimmers
Kind Industries
Owner: Chad Martel
A Clothing line geared towards Skimmers
Slick Industries
Owner: Billy Clark
Slick Speedwax - Slick your Stick
Also has a Clothing line - Sold Online at SkimCity
Jream Clothing
Owner: James Kasper
A Christian Clothing Company
Geared toward Skimmers & Surfers
X Trak
Skim Specific Deck Pads & Arch Bars
Skim Specific Deck Pads, Arch Bars & Wax
Deck Pads
Skim Movie Clips on website
Gorilla Grip
Deck Pads

(Almost any of the above sites in foreign languages can be translated
into English by doing a site search in

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