Spanish House


  • Large Slope, Heavy Shore Break
  • Shifty Sand Bottom, Hollow Midbreak
  • Best Tide - Incoming or Outgoing High
  • Best Winds - Light Offshore


  • Free Parking Lot across A1A
  • Portable Restroom in Parking Lot

Onsite Webcams

Spanish House

How do I get there?

Drive south 17 miles on A1A from Ocean Ave. to South Melbourne Beach. You will pass Bonsteel Park and Longpoint Campground. There will be a brown sign on the right, it says "Sebastian Inlet State Park Marine & Administration Complex". Make a right into the dirt parking lot just after the sign (you will see the inlet overpass from here). If coming from South A1A, once over the Sebastian Inlet bridge, SH parking lot is 1 mile North on the left. Parking is free. Just walk across A1A, through the trees and up the sand trail, follow it to the beach. Also a great Surf spot.
Hazards: sharks, mosquitos, and no-see-ums.