Board Manufacturers
Zap Skimboards
Owner: Bob Smetts
Venice Beach, Florida
Victoria Skimboards
Owner: Tex Haines
Laguna Beach, California
Exile Skimboards LLC
Owners: Andy Chiavetta & Aaron Peluso
San Clemente, California
Slotstik Skimboards
Oxnard, California
Phone: 805-247-9000
Roush Creations
Owner: Eric Roush
Santa Cruz, California
Grape Skimboards
Owner: Paul Wade
San Clemente, California
Baker Skimboards
San Francisco, California
Lagunition Skimboards
Riptide Skimboards
Owner: Pete
Santa Cruz, California
Phone: 831-724-5660
Wave Zone Skimboards
Owner: Jeff Shinham
Bradenton, Florida
Sol Skimboards
Owner: Bill
Concept Skimboards
Owner: Rick Bracic
Indian Rocks Beach, Florida
Relic Skimboards
Owners: Mike & Dick
Panama City Beach, Florida
Dreamtime Skimboards
Owner: Dreamtime
New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Liquid Launch Skimboards
Owner: Liquid Addiction
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Meyer Skimboards Inc.
Destin, Florida
Ozone Skimboards
Owner: KCoast Surf Shop
Ocean City, Maryland
Brillo Boards
Owner: Troy Tokarczyk
Owner: Ken Towey
Epsom, New Hampshire
Tribal Skimboards
Owner: Coastal Surf Supplies
Ocean City, Maryland
Skid Row Skimboards
Owner: Sheddoggie Jim
Washington State
Ze Epoxy Skimboards
Owner: ZE-Surf
ERC Skimboards
Owner: Extreme Riding Co.
Wood Boards, Online only
Skimbo Skimboards
Owner: Norval Watson
Byron Bay, Australia
Nemo Skimboards
Maui Skimmers
Maui, Hawaii
Sandjam'R Skimboards
Owner: Mike Marks
S. Orleans, Massachusetts
ShorFish Skimboards
Owner: John & Kelli
Hobie Skimboards
Owner: Hobie Designs
Capistrano Beach, California
Quagmire Skimboards
Owner: Mike Gardner
St. George, Utah
Hammerhead Skimboard Corp.
Greenville, South Carolina
Western Flyers
PO Box 1323, Sarasota, Florida 34230
Phone: 941-365-4342
C-Ya Skimboards
Owner: C-Ya in California
Westlake Village, California
Blaster Skimboards
Owner: Southern California Sports Industries
Irvine, California
Dragon Boards
Owner: Pacific Sports, Inc.
Brandon, Florida
C.C.Riders Skimboards
Owner: Cresent City Riders
Crescent City, California
Boards By Bair
Owner: Mitchell Bair
Wavemaster Skimboards
Owner: BZ/Morey
Emeryville, California
Banshee Riverboards
Owner: Kevin Veon
Nampa, Idaho
Kayotics Skimboards
Owner: Kayotics
Barefoot Skimboards
Owner: Hugh Stolarz
Nova Scotia, Canada
Owner: Devin
Nova Scotia, Canada
Backwash Skimboards
Owner: Kevin
Vancouver BC, Canada
Four Skimboards International
Vancouver BC, Canada
Zed Skimboards
Owner: Jeff Zamluk
Campbell River BC, Canada
Wooden Skimboards
Owner: Benpat Int. Ltd.
Hong Kong, China
Mandala Skimboards
An Italian Manufacturer
(Site in Italian & English)
Folha Skimboards
Owner: Joáo Lapa Barreiros
(site in Portugese)
Kilauea Skimboards
A Brazilian Manufacturer
(site in Portugese)
Shockwave Skimboards
Shaped by: Nick Johns
(site in French)
Eden Skimboards
Owner: Emmanuel "Manu" Lucot
(Site in French)
Plywood Skimboards
The Netherlands
(Site in German &, French)
Woody Skimmers Inc.
Pascagoula, Mississippi
Online only - Seller on

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