Skimmin' in Florida
Florida Skimboarding
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Florida's Premier Skim Site
Fla. Comp Pics, Scores, Breaks, Riders

The Florida Skimboarding WebPage
(East Coast Florida site by Brad Evers)
Florida Skimboarding ProAm
(East Coast Florida site by Steve Pullara)
(Online magazine by Derek Makekau)
Skim Life
(Florida vid site by Mike Jones)
(Gulf Coast Florida site by Bobby)
South Florida Skim
(South Florida site by Jay)
Skim Jensen
(South Florida site by Ken)
Palm Beach Skim
(South Florida site by Nick & Josh)
Skim Florida
(Gulf Coast Florida site by Felix)
(Gulf Coast Florida site)
(Gulf Coast Florida site by Ryan & Dan)
Skim Index
(Gulf Coast Florida photo site by David Scott)
The Woop
(Venice, Florida media site by Larry)
Beach Skim
(Panama City Beach Florida site by Chris Trawick)
Gulf Coast Skim Assoc.
(Panama City Beach Florida site by Ash Medlock)

Skimmin' in California
Skim Magazine
("The Mag", site by Butch MacIntosh)
Skim Online
(The world renouned site by Aaron Peluso)
(SF California site by Cramik)
Includes some HOT tow-in vids!
Inland Skim
(Sacramento, California site by Noah Lane)
Skim San Diego
(SD California site by Steve Kelnhofer)
Skim Santa Cruz
(SC California site by Geoff)
Joe Bailey Skim Photography
(Photo site by Joe Baily)
(Photo site by Steve Lerum)
Ryon Graf Skim Photography
(Photo site by Ryon Graf)
The Thalia Street Gallery
(Photo site by Ed Krebs)
Skim Culture
(SC California site by Mike Tam)
Destroyer Skim
(California site by Teddy Parker)
Central Coast Skims
(California site by Andrew Englert)
Fantasy Skimmer
(Fantasy site by Andrew Englert)

Skimmin' in Other States
Resilient Skim
(Kauai Hawaii site by Aaron Fujimoto)
Maine Line Skimmers
(Maine site by Tim Pasakarnis)
Reckless Skim
(Massachusetts site by Sean Stevens)
South Shore Surf and Skim Scene (S5)
(Massachusetts site by Sam Bitetti)
Lake Michigan Skim
(Michigan site by Reid Warber)
De Skim
(Delaware site by Ryan Vaughan)
(New Jersey site by Eric Wojciechowski)
Skimming NJ Shore
(Cape May New Jersey site)
Outer Banks Skim
(North Carolina site by Kyle Holt)
Skim NC
(North Carolina site by Woody Harris and Zach Clawson)
Urban Skimboarding
(Inland Georgia site by Jedd Lawler)
Third Coast Online
(Texas site by Rick Sawyer)
(Utah site by Robby)
Dashboards Skimboarding
(Washington state site)

Skimmin' The World
Skim BC
(BC, Canada site by BDub)
(Canadian site)
Skimboarding Info
(Guernsey Island site by Simon English)
Bomis SkimBoarding WebRing
(Webring of skim sites)

Skimmin' Comes in All Languages!
Skim Rockz
(Sylt Island, Germany site in German by Norwin Schmidt)
(Germany site in German by Keno Veentjer)
Skimboard Netherlands
(Netherland site in German)
(Netherland site in German)
Skimboard the French Riviera
(French site in French by Marc Garrido)
Skimboarding Reunion Island
(French site in French)
SkimFast Skimboard Club
(French site in French by Renaud Joubert)
Oleron Skim
(French site in French)
Mauna Kéa Skimboard Club
(French site in French)
Peacock Skim
(Japan site in Japanese & English)
Tons of skim mini-movies
82 Moon
(Philippines site in English by Andee Gee)
Nacao Skim
(Brazilian site in Portugese)
(Portugal site in English)
Cabo Skim
(Cabo site in Spanish by Paul & Luis Uribe)
(Argentina site in Spanish)
Skim Argentina
(Argentina Photo site in Spanish)

(Any of the above sites in foreign languages
can be translated into English
by pasting the foreign site's URL
into's language translator.)

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